Red Lightning! Laxus Defeats Wahl – Fairy Tail 473

Fairy Tail 473 see’s the battle between Laxus vs Wahl end as we see Laxus uses a power he learned from his ancestors which allowed him to completely destroy Wahl in an attack. On top of which, we learn that Mavis talked to Laxus about Yuri and the type of person he was in the past.

Fairy Tail 473 begins as Laxus is still unable to move, he gets punched around, bounced around and sent up in the air. Then sends out missile bombardments , even a anti-matter laser. Then sends out an electrical shock of attacks, however it doesn’t work as it just powers him up. Laxus attacks back with a punch. Laxus even evades and attacks Wahl even more.

Wahl receives a system error when he notices that Laxus gets down on the ground, unable to take another step. However, Wahl notices that this is his chance to do something, it’s his time to check mate him. Wahl begins to power up when he activates the Etherion on his arm. Laxus begins to force himself as he draws something on the ground.

Out of nowhere, a large magic jutsu shiki barrier appears which disables the attack, Wahl knows that such a barrier, especially from the hands of Freed wont work. Wahl uses a magic barrier particle nullifier which affects Laxus and the poison in the body. The fact that Wahl did so meant that Laxus was able to recover in such amount of time.

Laxus then begins his attack, and thus time we see that Laxus is now got a different power activated. We turn back in time when the folks of Laxus were at the pool, this is when Laxus and Mavis talk about how both Yuri and Laxus are both very similar due to the fact that they both want to protect the guild.

We see Laxus punch Wahl with all his might and in turn we see an after image of Yuri within this attack. Wahl seems to have taken a bad hit from this as Laxus used the Mercury Fulminate-Thunder God magic. It’s lightning that surpasses lightning itself! Fairy Tail 473 ends here.

A pretty awesome chapter, and it seems from the spoilers post previously, Simon is not Neinhart. Nevertheless, Laxus vs Wahl is a great battle to spectate. Can’t wait to see more of these battles. Next week’s Fairy Tail 474,  titled “In the moment of Complete Silence” we see what happens next.

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