Sarada Fights! Shin’s Treachery – Naruto Gaiden 9

Naruto Gaiden 9 builds upon the trust placed on Sarada that her trust and love for Sakura will flourish even if she’s not her mother, Sarada goes on to fight kicking all kinds of Shin ass. On top of which Shin clones go ahead and stab the original Shin in order to get rid of him whilst revealing the sheer number of Shin’s available in that place.

Naruto Gaiden 9 begins as Shin gets up and stabs a large number of metal bits on his arm. Sasuke uses his Susanoo to fly up in Kaguya’s world, Sarada keeps on thinking about what he had said before, and how Sakura could not be her mother. Naruto approaches her and reminds her that it’s all going to be okay, she can focus on that later, while she needs to carry on thinking about the current situation.

Sasuke senses that she is somewhere there, while asking Naruto to pinpoint her. Sakura and Shin battle each other, however out of nowhere, Susanoo’s sword arrives and cuts through the building, then Sasuke holds Shin and crushes his body. Sasuke removes the blades from Sakura and burns them using Amaterasu.

Sasuke asks if she’s okay,  Naruto mentions that as his eye powers are back at full, Sasuke can really do anything, he is a beast. Chocho complains why she doesn’t get Sasuke as a dad. Shin on the ground realises that he’ll have to sacrifice a few Shin’s to use them as a decoy to get out.

He tells them to go ahead and help him, however he is quickly betrayed by the Shin clones, he doesn’t realise it but one of them mentions that he has become expendable, he is now just an old husk of flesh. He is also told that his eye powers have been feeble and decrepit, from now on, they shall evolve and progress, that is the most logical action.

Sakura had thought that this would happen, but sooner. A butt load of them appears, when Shin asks when so many were made, the others mention that they made them, there are different types of them, to which some are big and small. Naruto goes on to use his clones to battles against the clones. A large one appears however, Sasuke just smashes him back to the ground.

Shin realises that this is his time to go ahead and take Sarada, however Sasuke wards Sarada and she just smashes him back to the ground. There are so many more, Sakura mentions to Sarada to stand back, however she jumps on ahead and mentions that she will be the one to protect her, Sasuke smiles at her efforts as she gets in the middle and smashes the ground. Naruto Gaiden 9 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, it’s nice to know that Sarada is using her Sharingan to kick some ass, however it definitely disappointing to see that these Shin users are somewhat weak. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Gaiden 10 when we’ll see what Sarada really has in terms of power.

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  1. dreager1

    Definitely a fun chapter although it has a slight glimmer of being rushed. It looks like we won’t be getting the big end fight that I was hoping for. Still, Naruto Gaiden has been a fun series and it beat Bleach and One Piece for me this week. The action has been good and I’d say that Sarada is fairly likable. I don’t care for Boruto or Sarada’s other friend at the moment, but hopefully the Boruto film can change that.


    1. Sunite

      I hoped that Shin wasn’t the actual enemy because of he was never seemed that strong, he had a number of Sharingans but nothing more then that. I think the Shin clones are the new Zetsu’s. We’ll definitely be seeing them again. I really hope that Sarada doesn’t end up like Sakura in her three man cell, I think as she has her Sharingan and possible even be trained by Sasuke, she will be at the front line of all battles.


  2. grease

    is it that naruto has lost everything apart from nine-tails chakra and shadow clones or is he so strong that he needs to be cautious or is it that he is looking for answers from Shin so he doesnt want to hurt them badly???? naruto is even weaker than chocho in this gaiden


  3. Kain

    Naruto is the best. He dont need to release kurama or 6 path sage mode power in this fights. Hope we ll see ashura mode soon again


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