Gray Fullbuster of Avatar! Juvia’s Wait – Fairy Tail 424

Fairy Tail 424 follows an explanation to why Juvia is all alone and upset as we see Gray being consumed by the darkness given to him, we hear that both Gray and Juvia trained and stayed together when he disappeared. She went to look for him but found nothing, Natsu’s next mission is to go to Sabertooth. We see a new Dark Guild devoted to Zeref, Gray Fullbuster appears as one of the members.

Fairy Tail 424 begins as Natsu and others arrive at Sea Hare Village, they go on to mention that there aren’t a lot of people there. It doesn’t seem to have anyone there. Natsu smells Juvia’s scent and goes to her, Juvia sits down as she hears her name. She quickly dreams Gray coming her way as he says sorry to keep her waiting. She heads towards him when we actually see  Natsu there stop her.

She begins to cry and nearly collapses. She has an incredible fever, she is sick. Natsu can also smell Gray’s smell in the house, Juvia wakes up and mentions that they lived together. They ate, trained and worked together. And slept together too, but Gray would say no. One day he showed his dark colouration in his skin from the dark slayer powers.

After that day he started going out alone for errands, until one day he never came back. It’s been almost half a year, they don’t know anything about where he is, she went looking for him every day and looked everywhere but she never had found him. She knows that one day he will come back. Natsu wants to drag his ass back there.

Natsu would like to bring all their comrades back together again, and revive Fairy Tail. Juvia falls asleep, Natsu doesn’t have an idea but would like to go ahead and go to Sabertooth! Somewhere else, we meet a different sort of people, some new people. They mention that Oracion Seis, Grimmoire Heart and Tartarus have all been taken down.

Now the era of Avatar will begin. Their fair is to cloud the world in black mage belonging to Zeref, Priest Arlock mentions. The time has come, they must purify the world of mages who oppose Zeref. All in the name of Zeref everyone mentions, then we see Gray Fullbuster covered with the dark magic as he also says “all in the name of Zeref”. He looks very different, with his hair pulled back, similar to that of Cobra. Fairy Tail 424 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, Gray seems like a beast, his power must have grown seeing as how he now has dark magic in him. It’s going to be awesome to see next week’s Fairy Tail 425, titled “Sabertooth X792”, I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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  1. grayfullbuster622

    This chapter was definately Good Although can we really say for sure that Gray has turned Dark he might be working in avatar as a double-agent for someone Or Gray could’ve Really turned “cold” To me tbh it wouldnt matter if Gray turned Cold or Dark i like Him either way The match between gray and natsu i want to see it definately Natsu’s gotten stronger but just how strong has gray gotten over his time within Avatar?..Hope His powers on natsu’s level.

    So many questions yet so few information Of whats to come till the next chapters are released But Gray really shocked me i had a feeling something Demonic was going to take Him over Its probably His power that his father gave him I wouldnt want to see Him lose His Devil slaying magic I’d like to see Him take full control of it…..We cant give natsu all the credit though so Hopefully Since grays my favorite !!!!!!!! on to chapter 425 >:D


    1. grayfullbuster622

      if you honestly look at Him he looks Like Sting or freaking Aizen From bleach like Who is Dat but still grays my favorite lol but rofl……………………..Gray you got a little Aizen hairDue going on there <_<


  2. AmzyPie

    Gray is my fav and i was practically destroyed seeing him evil. Even in the daphne arc but knowing that he’s actually evil this time is not good.
    His hair and new look in general is pretty bad assand cool. I wonder Iif he’ll still strip?
    Has anyone else noticed h that we can’t see his guild mark?


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