My Intent To Protect – Kaneki and Touka

Recently, Tokyo Ghoul has been getting so interesting, the anime and story are just out of this world, on top of which Kaneki and Touka both want to protect what they love most. On top of this, this image shows a really great image of both Kaneki and Touka on the ground, it’s simple yet very effective when showing this image.

Tokyo Ghoul Keneki and Touka Protect by monku696If you watch the series, go ahead and comment down below telling us what the best part of the series is, I honestly really like this series, as well as many others which are currently on. If you like this image, go check out monku696 who has a number of great artwork. Also be sure to share the page too.


There is one comment

  1. kirito100

    ok so yeah this is a really great anime and I totally ship Kaneki and Touka but I also think of then as family rather than “together”. But I will tell you who I absolutely ship together…ready…Naruto and Lucy! Mkay, that’s all bai!


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