Kemokemo Saves All! Battling Sea Monster – Fairy Tail 224

Fairy Tail 224 focus on Kemokemo as he keeps on getting bigger and bigger, they get on the island to find a large sea monster there. A cruel virus has been released when Kemokemo grows into his monstrous form, he releases a gas which neutralises the virus and keeps everyone alive, him and Natsu battle the great Sea Monster.

Fairy Tail 224 begins as they all get to the island, they notice that everything seems to be normal when a large monster appears. They try to fight it, it’s massive when Natsu and Lucy are trapped underground, they go ahead to read the inscriptions written underground, it seems to be similar to that of before seen with Jura.

A large heartbeat like thing is heard, the Sea Monster is pushed down, some kind of virus is spread throughout the village, there seems to be a gas where Natsu and Lucy are, we also see many people from the council as well as Lahar fall down. Lucy nearly gets crushed by a rock when Natsu helps her.

Lahar gives the order to submerge the village, Lucy gets it as she reads into it. We also get to see Kemokemo grow a lot larger while the Sea Monster outside crushes things. Kemokemo grows even larger as he see’s his true form and memories come back to him. Kemokemo fights against the sea monster to beat it.

Natsu also helps out, and with a few good shots we see Natsu and Kemokemo beat the Seamonster, it’s mentioned that he’s the saviour of the village, there is a natural virus on the island while Kemokemo is the cure to it all. Kemokemo begins joining back into the village as he tells him that he should go back, and that he’s had fun and always been part of his family and Fairy Tail. Natsu receives an acorn from the village which he plants.

A good episode, Kemokemo was pretty good, on top of which It’s nice to see such episodes such as these. Can’t wait for more good episodes as we continue with Laxus in next week’s Fairy Tail 225, titled “The Lightning Man”!

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