Watch Kuroko no Basket (Anime)

Kuroko’s Basket (Kuroko no Basket) follows Kuroko who recently enters the Seirin High School basketball team. We see Taiga Kagami, a up-and-coming power player from America, also join the same. Kuroko isn’t all that good at basketball, he’s so plan and impossible to keep track that his presences in the court gives him an advantage over many others. We learn that he’s part of the Miracle Generation of basketball players. 

Kuroko's Basketball

I have only just started this anime, I’m still in season one, and after just a few episodes I’m already hooked on the anime. It seems that I have a thing for anime’s based on sports. Still the anime is very relate-able for those in school playing similar sports. Plus it’s a very funny anime, if you’d like to watch it just click the link below to go straight to Chrunchyroll, you can watch it free there:

Watch Kuroko no Basket (SUB ENG)

If you already watch the anime, be sure to tell me what you think, I’m still on the first season so don’t try to spoiler it for me or anyone else. Still if you like the anime, be sure to share it everyone.

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    1. Sunite

      I’ve finished watching all the episodes, and I’m waiting for more because of how good its gotten!
      I really like how they seem to cover everyone and everything, they think about everything. Even the powers they use and such would seem somewhat realistic in that sense. I am completely hooked, just as much as you hah. I cant wait for season three!


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