Kakashi’s Mangekyou Sharingan! Ten Tail’s Reappears – Naruto 688

Naruto 688 tells the story of Obito returning to the current world as a spirit to which he gives Kakashi both of his eyes to allow him to use his abilities, he uses them to save Kakashi using his Susanoo! Naruto uses all 9 of his powers to create different sorts of Rasenshuriken to which he launches at Kaguya in an attempt to stop her to which the Ten Tail’s within Kaguya reacts negatively and becomes unstable as it unleashes out from her. 

Naruto 688 begins as Obito cries in front of Rin and they both stand up. Obito mentions that he’d like for Rin to wait just a little longer, he would like to go to the other world and make a put stop. Rin asks who he’d like to help this time. Obito mentions that it’s Kakashi, both of them are finally alone and he’d like to keep it that way, he doesn’t want him to come there.

Plus he mentions that at the moment he can’t seem to do anything by himself, he doesn’t have any power and thus its pissing him off. Rin smiles and mentions that they’re both good friends. Rin asks how he can go back to which Obito mentions that chakra is the power that connects these two worlds, he’s going to go back after Kakashi. He uses his Kamui and goes back, Rin mentions that she’ll be waiting.

By Kakashi’s side and on top of Obito’s dead debris a chakra form rises to which it jumps onto Kakashi to which Kakashi see’s Obito in his inner world.  Obito mentions that he’d like to remind him not to come to his world any time soon. Obito mentions that he gave him his eyes as a present, he wouldn’t want it back so early.

Obito then mentions that he’d like for Naruto to become a Hokage, specifically the 7th Hokage and the 6th can be Kakashi. Obito mentions since he hasn’t taken the position officially, he’d like to congratulate him ahead of time. On top of which his name resounds even across foreign lands. Kakashi opens his eyes in the real world to which we see Kakashi carrying Obito’s Mangekyou Sharingan.

Naruto had trapped Kaguya’s hands and Zetsu on the ground. Kaguya pushes back Sasuke while he uses his sword to attack back. Naruto then creates 9 Clones all with different types of Rasenshuriken called the Senpou Chou Bijuu Rasenshuriken which are thrown at Kaguya.

They all explode together and it pushes all of them back, while Kaguya notices that the Ten Tails and all the other beasts powers in side Kaguya have all out once want to get out. It seems to create an unstable reaction as they all force their way out. It seems that Naruto and Sasuke don’t know what to do. Zetsu is shocked that it doesn’t have a human form, and it seem that Kaguya’s will doesn’t seem to have influenced that transformation yet, the form is completely unstable.

The Ten Tail’s form begins to form with all the arms and it seem to be heading towards Naruto, to which a clone helps them get away from there. One of the arms heads towards Sakura, to which Naruto tells Sasuke to go and help. However seconds later we see Naruto being held by a Susanoo to which it’s not Sasuke’s!

Zetsu is unable to understand whats going on there. We see Kakashi save Sakura to which Sasuke is unable to comprehend that Kakashi now has the Mangekyou Sharingan. Naruto mentions that he’s the Copy Ninja after all and can do so swiftly. Kakashi wishes to protect both of them using his powers. Naruto 688 ends here.

A fantastic chapter with lots of action, it’s nice to see Kakashi finally gaining a full set of Sharingan eyes, and Mangekyou Sharingan on top of that which is even more awesome. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 689, to which we’ll continue on with the Ten Tails, Kaguya and Naruto and Sasuke.


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  1. Jasper Williams

    Haha…i bet no one saw that cominq…finally the wish of many naruto fans has been qranted….thouqh i still have some reservations….firstly..the susanoo looks exactly like sasuke’s own which is not riqht…cause sasuke qot that susanoo after qaininq his left eye and its said 2 be Indra’s susanoo…normally the type of susanoo kakashi should av qotten is daht of itachi or sasuke’s previous……secondly…obito said the qift will expire with time…so daht means after the war he will lose the power riqht???…….


    1. Sunite

      I’m not sure if Obito said that his power will expire with time? I’ve not read that anymore. I’m guessing that Obito gave his own eyes to him to use, and on top of that Susanoo you mentioned. Kakashi is known as the ninja that can copy any jutsu, and that is exactly what he’s done here. He has copied Sasuke’s susanoo. I think it’s pretty cool in fact.


      1. dante

        Its been said throughout the entire series that a kekkei genkai (meaning the sharingan amd its techniques) canoot be copied or replicated, even by another sharingan. Which means that kakashi has his own susanoo


    2. Trey

      I think Obito meant that since its not an eternal mangekyou with time his light will fade as all other mangekyou sharingans its inevitable.


  2. emmanuel

    I think its not the eye but rather the function/chakra the eye grants that obito gave to kakashi thats why it would wear off in time there was no sign that kakashi took obito’s real eye’s but rather obito’s conciousness merged with kakashi’s granting him obito’s power won’t be surprised to see him use moukuton(wood style) since his conciousness now posess’s obito’s power,chakra and mind


  3. Jasper Williams

    Lol@hanzo…dahts really funny!

    Sunite you miqht be riqht…maybe he did copy it…but then is it possible to copy somethinq like a susanoo….

    The jutsu used by naruto to me should be the stronqest offensive jutsu…damn!!!…i don’t see anybody survivinq daht…not even with a susano…


  4. mabritish

    yes @Jasper Williams but now also kakashi has the ability to copy the uchiha clan kekkei genkei since he became one buy obtaining obito’s eyes


  5. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    didnt think kishi could make this manga be any worse, but i was wrong, he clearly has surpassed his own self. So now kakashi has both mangekyo without grabbing real life eyes but just by recieving the chackra of obito who is now dead is enough?

    then why uchiha do even need other uchiha eyes to replace the older ones?, why not just regular eyes?
    didnt the second hokage say that the uchiha eyes are merely normal eyes and that they just reflect the chackra that comes from the uchiha brain?

    why madara didnt just pop up another rinnegan eye?
    naruto was able to restore kakashis old eye by just touching him, so if madara had both the power that naruto and sauske had in one body then why didnt he just do the same thing?

    how can a spirit travel freeñy from the pure world to the impure one?
    the special powers of obito?
    didnt the boyfriend of tsunade had the power to control his own spirit?
    then why he had to leave tsunade and travel to the pure world?, why not until the war was over?

    how can akkashi pull off the ultimate susano when he doesnt have neither the body nior the chackra reserves for that?
    kakashi could barely use one mangekyo eye and just few times(in the war his chackras were replenished by kurama) and now he can use not just a regular susano that requires both mangekyo eyes but the ultimate version without even having to pass the phases that an elite uchiha like sasuke had?

    bullshit, what a piece of fucking bullshit. Kishi may not be the biggest troll, but he indeed pisses off many readers by not having any rules on the manga, he does as he pleases even if he once stated a rule and then changes it when he runs out of ideas

    if this is how manga will o then just end it right now by fusing naruto and sauske into an ultimate being


    1. Mao

      I agree man, but don’t say the last thing it might come true. Kishi really doesn’t seem to have any ideas left, he might just steal that idea of yours.


  6. hootie

    Well. It certaonly is a plot twist and its not too far ferching imo. Tsijjari if you think about it those things can be explained.

    In a sense kakashi is uchiha simply because he had obito eye planted in him. He has uchiha blood even if its a little. To be technical that qualifies him to use both

    Theres a difference between eternal and regular mangekyo. If you were read even a bit of it youd know why they need other eyes.

    The 2nd said genetic mutation too. Soo thats self explanatory dude.

    Madara is crazy. And if you were in his shoes fighting the fights he did I dont think youd have the time or the thoughts to think pf what you just said. Too much shit is going on.

    Kamui a ttechnique to travel between dimension. What happens in the afterlife is explained in the manga I think. Its perfectly reasonable to assume obito had his powers to go between worlds for a short time. That or its plot ki but still. As far as dan he was ressurected with his powers and good guys tend to stay the path and stay dead imo. I think thats something more like what ino can do. Or im wrong.

    Kakashi using susso at that time may be plot ki but didnt obitos charka literally just jump in him?

    Sasuke and naruto fusing actually would be predictable imo lol


    1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

      that doesnt explain anything at all, all what kishi does its to put one rule and then violate it with another, none of what you said explains all what i posted

      kakashi is not uchiha and was not implanted uchiha blood or anything, besides, if you recall what second hokage said about the uchiha powers, then that would mean that uchiha eyes are just regualr eyes and they just reflect the power that comes from the uchiha brain, meaning that taking the uchiha eyes would be useless, you would have to transplant their brain in order to acquire their powers, which is impossble, but since there was a guy with 5 hearts who knows, but the fact its that that would be the only way or maybe the uchiha blood

      plus, if obito can remain in the impure world with his mangekyo tech, then why sunades boyfriend didnt stay to long with tsuande?

      and there are many other things

      susano without eyes, kakasgi having chackra reserves not being enough for a susano let alone the ultimate susano, kakashi having regular body so even if he recieved some obitos chackra his body would put to much strain with mangekyo and sharingan techs, etc


  7. benson

    actually kakashi didnt copied it its his own susanoo as you can see that scar mark on his left eyes the same mark is on his susanoo also!
    its his own susanoo


  8. Damir

    We don’t wanna jump into some serious conclusions. We’ve just read that damn manga yesterday, and to be perfectly honest I’m happy that kakashi gets his eye powers back, cuz things like raikiri he cannot execute without sharingan. The thing is, I think all the trick is within the obito’s chakra. Yes there are many questions regarding the form of susanoo and how the hell kakashi is able to use with minimum chakra in his reserves, I somehow still believe that obito did smth with it. Well, excuse me, but making sure his friends stays Alife as long as possible is within his interests) kekkei genkai or the bloodline limit is something to be performed specifically by the clan, towards which with no Amaterasu and tsukuyomi of Kakashi’s he is still able to perform the armor of a complete form. I just can’t believe that smth like susanoo can be copied. It isn’t. I strongly believe that all complete forms of susanoo are mighty samurais, cuz looking at previous versions of Sasuke’s and Itachi’s ones the weren’t complete. Madara doesn’t also seem to have a samurai in his half incomplete form, so jumping to conclusion that kakashi copied it? I have no idea, but assume that it’s unlikely. Rather, we just identified what is the usual appearance of final stage l. Regarding Madara not creating his second eye just by touching is a matter of specifically Rikudos powers. Naruto is able to perform it just because he received powers from the one who was a transmitter of chakra from the beginning (of course alongside his brother; after his mother; and a holy tree which is the source). Madara was able to awaken rinnegan by using both uchiha and senju DNA (thanks his smartness and Kabuto at some sort), and he was able to get closer to Hogoromo, but not to a full extent. Apparently he didn’t receive powers like healing, special eye techniques like Sasuke’s eye and lots of other individual oriented stuff, cuz coming closer doesn’t always mean to have the exact same power dude.

    You guys covered a lot of things and it’s hard to answer, and I agree that a lot of things changed from the beginning. I still remember the times kakashi could collapse after overusing regular sharingan and spend to rehabbing, but oh well, in the last series, using mangekyo tricks even without kurama’s chakra compared to the past years seems like “naah man, I could hold more and max I’d be warned out but no hospital”. Seems really like Kishi’s forgetting smth. On the other hand, otherwise the whole alliance would be useless and kakashi especially. He must play smth good and I was happy to see him beating bitch by pretty much gorgeous returning of legendary Kakashi of the Sharingan. No shit, his good even without, but when he was healed and left with no Shari, I thought, wow man… Now lots of your techniques are gonna be shit, cuz that’s the eye that gave him the ability to react quickly and respond accordingly.

    Still… We are jumping too much ahead. I’m itching to see what’s coming. I have no idea of what kinda weed kishi smokes and how sometimes unpredictable the manga gets, it’s still fucking awesome) and if I’m not mistaken, shippuuden is gonna end, and a new season of grown 21 year old naruto era is going to come. My thought, that kishi wants this war end memorably, the reason why it gets so much criticisms… I still love it. I’m 21, but I still love it. Again I love the outcome of kakashi having his eyes back. Peace!


    1. Dr Dreyeth

      Remember though that Kakashi was always getting drained in fights
      because he was using his Sharinga, where as now I don’t think
      it will be draining him anymore then it does a Uchiha.

      Depleting your chakra over and over again raises you’re maximum chakra level (Pervy Sage said it while training naruto in summoning), didn’t Kish say at the start of the war Kakashi had attained a Kage equivilent level already?

      Also the reason sharinga can’t copy kekkei genkei is that the sharinga user cannot use the technique, I’m fairly positive that if the sharinga user possessed the kekkei genkei to use the technique they were copying they’d be able to copy it just fine.


      1. Dr Dreyeth

        I wish I could edit the post above for typos.

        IMHO Kakashi will die one day using the life transfer technique,
        he recorded when they rescued Gaara.

        He was on his death bed from being drained from the sharinga,
        yet he still turned his sharinga on long enough to record that technique.


  9. DeAntrez Johnson

    Hold the phone, I think that kakashi getting the mangekyou sharingan is exactly what the series needed. Believe me that this is for Sasuke coming back to Team 7. Sasuke and kakashi now have another bond, as to which would be great for the new plot to happen.


  10. ichigodragneel

    naruto manga keeps getting lame…geez…tired of the never ending contracdictionz, even obito who supposinly gave the power has never used an ultimate sussano….thix all bullshit if u ask me…kishi smokes dry shit if u ask me!!


  11. Jasper Williams

    You guys are forgettinq the hokage issue…if kakashi becomes the hokage…daht means naruto manga has 2 continue beyound this arc….cause to me,kishimoto just dropped a hint…that kakashi will be the next hokage….what do you quys think???


  12. Jimmy

    When I saw kakashi has sharingan eyes only by obito’s chakra, that moment I lost interest in reading the next chapter.
    I guess the dog or mouse or ant can have sharingan eyes now…


    1. Sunite

      Loool, I guess it does feel like that but what we see now is people who are on a Godly level and have godly powers, we’ve never seen such power and thus seems like a fairy tale.


  13. Monkey D. Appa

    Oke now lets not say that kishi is a bad mangaka he ‘s a bit tired after 15 jears of naruto. But he’s planning someting big with that movie i……i can wait to see how my hinata-chan en lee and kiba-sama will look like ………. but its pretty lame that kakashi can use perf. Sosano’o at his first try ……. but yeah we just gotta believe it!!! afters


    1. Nodaime Hashirama

      actually i don rilly think kakashi getting a susanoo z a bad thing.I mean it waz getting boring havig to see naruto and sasuke dominate the battlefield!!!!!!!!


    2. Phoenix

      Its not totally lame seeing how even itachi stated that kakashi had greater mastery over the sharingan then most actual full blooded uchiha. So that goes to further show his mastery over the eyes.


  14. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    i9 dont really expect much from the movie, i knew that both sakura and hinata, and after seeing hinata with kurama chackra falling due to a little rock and loosing conciousness thats when i realized that kishi no longer cared about naruto characters develoopment anymore

    seriously seeing kakashi with both mangekyo is not what i am angry at, i just got angry they way h got them, I mean, acquiring the mangekyo eyes from the physical world is one thing, and other is acquiring it from a dead spirit and some chackra

    i also dont undesrtand how can someone acquire the uchiha powers just by taking thier eyes, makes no sense cause second hokage already explained that the uchiha sharingan powers come from the brain, not the eyes, the eyes just reflect that ckackra and thats why they turn red with tomoe shapes, meaning that uchiha eyes are just regular eyes and that an uchiha could recover thier powers just by taking regular eyes from anyone, after all those eyes bare just gonna reflect the power of their brains

    but one of the biggest question is how can obito travel so easily from the pure world to the leaving world, he barely was able to open a gate between kaguyas dimensions with the help of sakura in ssj mode, you are telling me that is easier to travel between the dead and leaving dimensions than through kaguyas dimensions?, bullshit

    so now kakashi can use not just the susano but the ultimate version with wings with the help of obitos chackra an laso have sharingan despite that the physical eyes dont exist?(not to mention that second hockage already said that uchiha sharingan powers come from the brain not the eyes which would maked the eyes useless anyways)


  15. slyy

    the power serges from the brain… Kakashi’s charecter was limited… He is known as a great ninja and i think he was suppossed to be nearly as powerful as itachi by the time sasuke was just a child… I believe that obito just gave kakashi the power and kenkei genkei to be able to produce and use immense chakra… I bet kishi has something up his sleaves… The power of the uchiha is from the brain and kakashi was one of the best in his clan… He might be a blood limit and if so i feel he can use both sharingans since obito gave them to him…


    1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

      Kakashi was good back then, but not as good as kakashi, just go back and you will see how afraid he was on fighting orochimaru, while itachi was good enough to swipe the floor with him, even oro admitted to not be at itachis level

      Kakashi is a good character but obviously not at kage level, yet suddenly he receives some chackra and is able to put out the same susano that not even the 5 kages at once were able to compete to, and also has wings

      It doesnt require much thought to see that this is garbage,i would not make any bad comments if kakashi just had taken obitos eyes after he died and use sharingan powers with some limits(though would make no sense according to second hokages speech but o well that logic was tossed before its explanation)but having naruto and maybe sasuke helping him to replenish chackra, but obito just being able to travel the pure dimension and the impure dimensions just like thatis bullshit(specially when he was barely able to open a gate among kaguyas dimensions even having super sakura there giving him chackra)


      1. Phoenix

        Itachi wasn’t afraid because he could turn orochimaru’s fake and real body to ash pretty much using amaretsu and he could trap his mind in the world of illusions with his eyes. And could cast genjutsu before the battle had even begun essentially winning before even fighting. And of course still had susano and with the sword and shield he had it made his susano literally invincible. Since it could not only block but abosrb any elemental attack thrown at it and its sword could seal anything it touched away into the realm of drunken dreams. Were as kakashi even though having great mastery and power over the his sharingan did not have access to those powers. He couldn’t even kunami until part 2 of the anime and his susano until well now due to obito’s giving him his eyes, powers and chakra.


  16. shinobi

    firstly let me say that if u have been following the manga as i have you would have understood how obito‘s eyes work.in the naruto verse when you die u jst move on to another dimesion as evidence of edo tensei‘s being summoned back,second it is possible for obito to kam back into this world as he as being travellin thru dimesions therefore his eyes knows this worlds frequency as he explained when they went to retreive sasuke.secondly we all know obito had to go since he cnt gt away with startin a war and sasuke n naruto as seen cnt take on kaguya alone so kishi jst had to find a way to power up kakashi though the eye transfer and susanoo r a bit underexplained but still no one in history has had sharingan like obitos hence no one can trully say its impossible since obito may b the first to kam back from the world of the dead hence we cnt say smthn is impossible.thirdly a susanoo cnt b copied bt if i remind u,kakashi had mastered the sharingan well enough to awaken the mangyeko some weeks after recieving them from obito and lyk sasuke said those who awaken mangyeko in both eyes achieve susanoo.all sharingan are unique i.e itachi‘s,shisui‘s hence no sharingan can be compared to another hence kishi is in his right sense to exploit obito‘s powers.


    1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

      possible but not likely, and again obito can travel through his own dimension to the living oen cause they are linked and has enough chackra for it, but if doest have the amount to travel through kaguyas dimension even with sakuras help then how can he travel death word and living world just liek that?

      how can a spiirit just fuse with a living human just like that?

      and also why ultimate susano?
      if it was a regular susano well ok, but its the ultimat one that only madara, sasuke and indra have used thanks to their great chackra reserves, akakshi obviously isnt even at kage level adn already is performing a technique that was able to look 5 of them look like nothing

      as things go now then using the rinnegan technique to separete the souls of the body to eat them and steal their powers could also be possible


      1. Phoenix

        Actually it was stated I think around the wars beginning that he was at kage level which is also one of the reasons why he was nominated to be hokage.


  17. shinobi

    ive jst rembered smthn when kabuto took lord orichimarus chakra wasnt he able to even surpass orochimaru and achieve dragon mode then y is impossible for kakashi to obtain sharingan from obitos chakra who was killed in a unique n sort of strange way and also wen kakashi died n met up with his dad its jst the same with obito meaning his spirit didnt move on hence can b broughy back using a justu


  18. shinobi

    ive jst rembered smthn when kabuto took lord orichimarus chakra wasnt he able to even surpass orochimaru and achieve dragon mode then y is impossible for kakashi to obtain sharingan from obitos chakra who was killed in a unique n sort of strange way and also wen kakashi died n met up with his dad its jst the same with obito meaning his spirit didnt move on hence can b broughy back using a justu and on question of eye if i remember correctly sasuke got his rinnegan from rikkudo who is also dead hence stop thrashing kishi with insults if u dnt read the manga and understand.


  19. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    to shinobi
    but rikudo is one thing and obito is another, and never said that rikudio being kind of alive was bullshit, but he just passed some abilities to naruto and sasuke rather than power

    if obito had passed his abilities to kakashi for a while it would be ok, but kakashi stuill wouldnt be abole to perform the ultimate susano with his chackra reserves, at most he would perform the basic susano and with more limitations than the sauske that used it on the kage summit


  20. shinobi

    all we have is a clear underestimation of tobi,he has hashiramas cells,pre war he was unbeaten.first we all agree obiti could pull a perfect susanoo.then if u read the chapter again,it was obitos chakra that rose from his crumbled body and if i remember correctly if u have someones chakra then u can have his abilities as well i.e madara.hence if u have an uchiha with hashiramas cells then u have one powerful guy.hence if u get chakra from this guy a perfect susanoo will b the simplest of abilities u will get.on the question on dead handing abilities i only remind u that in the manga wen a person dies he doesnt move on to the afterlife if he has unfinished business i.e sakumo hatake hence it is possible to kam back by a jutsu as nagato was able to bring back all the villagers coz he said there was still tym to bring them and obito was dead for minutes so with his sharingan travelling thru the planes separatin the real and the world of the dead wnt be hard.


  21. kyoku

    Ok kishi getting threshing from those who refuse to understand the manga if what you keep on repeating about the power from the brain reflecting to the eyes shouldn’t it make more sense that kakashi has sharigans because it would mean uchiha chakura was placed in kakashi’s brain granting him the ability to use sharingan not only that gaining mangekyou sharingan grants the user extra powers and the power to achieve the them if not then none of them should have the ability to use susanoo plus obito has da ability to move from dimension to dimension so he passed over to the pure world the question of chakra shud be answered to this when ur edo tensei you have unlimited chakra think what that means when you not bound to the physical world read the manga carefully then comment


  22. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    for shinobi
    not excatly, even if obito could pull a perfect susano it wouldnt be at the level of madaras one, if he could why he hesitated in taking down the kages?

    madara make them look like worms, but tobi looked that was at most at kage level, he nerver showed such prowes even borrowing madaras rinnegan and had a lot trouble with naruto and company even using the paths of pain and the gedo masou, and just by looking how madara was about to crush the 5 kages on his own clearly obito is out of his league by not being able to take down a single shinobi at kage level and with just two jounins as company

    when madara arrived he didnt get serious until hashirama joined the battle, but obito was serious the whole time and had troubles with 3 guys madara could have beaten in the blink of an eye if he wanted


  23. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    this shit its byond undestanding, there is no wey obito could have gone from the pure world to the impure world and give kakashi his chackra, he oesnt have the enough chackra for that and that was shown when he was barely able to open a hole for a short period in kaguyas dimension adn with sakuras help

    so your are saying taht traveling between the dead and living world is easier than traveling between kaguyas dimensions?



  24. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    this manga is getting worse and worse

    susano without eyes

    being able to steal uchiha eye powers despite the fact that uchiha eyes are worthless and marely normal eyes and they just reflect the powerful chackra that comes from the uchiha brains as explained by second hokage

    madars bring young despite dying as an old man and also not having rinnegn despite the edo tensei form had the rinnegan, and not even having the other sharinggan he had when he dies seemed out of place

    obito able to resist black zetsu despite being in the versh of death and madara being controlled by black zetsu despite having almsost all the bijus except for half the nine tails, having his full power with the two rinnegan and also having sage mode

    5 kages and the alliance unable to beat the giant budha but karin, who was a fodder and easy to beat with just one kick, suddenly surpassing kushina just because of being angry and achiving supar saiyan phase multiplying her base powers by 50x

    obito unable to defy the 5 kages and showing prowes of at most kage level in the whole series suddwnly has chackra similar to that of madara who made the kages look like shrimps but obito clearly had troubels with just 1 guy having kage level and just 2 jounins despite being helped by the paths of pain and the mazou

    thiis is just a fairy tale


  25. shinobi

    okay so let me ask u a question,in the whole manga have u evet heard of obito running out of chakra?2nd obito has been using one eye for his kamui all this while yet he alot of guyz who fought him i.e konan,minato acknowledged his strength.thirdly in the naruto verse the dead have limitless chakra as seen with the edo tensei,also obito could nt use susanoo as sasuke stated in his fight against raikage and gaara in the kage summit thats y obito cldnt use susanoo b4.obito wsnt weak as evidenced by him being able to b the juubi‘s jinchuriiki and suppressing it wen it wanted to take over which isnt a strong feat.ur point of karin trully shows u dnt follow the manga,in this manga wen u r at ur limit or u wnt to save sum1 u summon strength u didnt know u have i.e zabuza after haku‘s death,obito woke his sharingan wen kakashi lost his eyez and the uzumaki r really hard ass ppl as we see wen kushina was able to bind the whole kurama b4 he was split up despite it being extracted afew minutes earlier from her and karin ddnt defeat the budha she destroyed the face and some of the arms that were nearby since she was nearer than the spiral zetsu than the kage were.so really jst read the manga again.


  26. shinobi

    edo tensei summons r summoned back to world in a form that was their peak.u dnt expect to bring back an old madara to fight or a sum1 who had lost his hands to fight unless he became better without them.also madara was brought back as a fussion of himself and hashirama hence hin having the rinegan is obvious.lastly on question of eyez,the uchihas eyes hold the power and that stuff abt the brain is only the 2nd hokages opinion.i cld point out that danzo was able to use shisui‘s eyez and even itachi‘s crow was able to use it so stop insisting on the impossibility.


  27. uncannyhermit

    Tsijiari is right… The truth is the manga is bullshit now, and it all started when naru sasuke defeated obito who acheived so6p mode.. Yeah yeah, kishi explained twas chakra from all d bijuss i say thats BS obito shouldnt have been defeated like that but with help from d five hokages and also current kages infact obito shouldnt have been defeated but oh well it happened id like to ask kishi tho why obito couldnt use intangibility as so6p wen he was supposed to hv all abilities and why sasuke who hd just one rinnegan like obito did could stil use his full susanoo n amateratsu technique
    Also why could kakashi move wen kayuya the ancestor of all chakra had to struggle to even lift her arm under d gravity tech not to talk of d almost dead obito

    Like shonibi said the second was talking based on wt he knew concerning d uchiha brain n eyes but it stil doesnt explain why obitos chakra could gift kakashi two eyes short period or not tho seeing how he lost em now well i dont care anymore
    Kishi has made kaguya seem like shit wen d rikodu is clearly stil in his own league it makes no sense that she d be defeated by sasuke n naruto

    Lie to urselves all u want its stil stupid
    Before overwhelming power will is not enough

    Naruto has lost a certain reality that it used to before he would struggle real hard to beat a villain that evn wen he did we knew it was eventually possible cuz he tried hard now its just stupid

    Eryone cn obtain a rinnegan now

    Evn sakura could punch kaguya tf her arm should hve been torn off or something

    Besides why tf does kaguya have chakra limitations isnt she d ancestor of all chakra

    Just too many contradictions plus how many soldiers are stil alive after all obito did they shouldbe like three hundred honestly

    Kishi is tired but stil he should use more sense

    Naruto all d way tho


  28. the tiger shinobi

    1st people saying that if obito’s chakra was able to give kakashi a perfect susanoo why he himself couldn’t make it the answer is it was long ago explained that sharingan eyes can only show the full power when both of the pair are together and
    2nd how kakashi could get sharingan just by obito’s chakra here is the answer:- as 2nd hokage said sharingan was a result of disturbance of chakra in brain that changed the eye that means any normal person can have sharingan if infused with the specific chakra from an uchiha and same goes for having enough chakra for using it


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