Get Your Ass Back Here – Ichigo, Ishida, Jugram and Yhwach

Ichigo Ishida Jugram Yhwach Get Your Ass Back Here by ifragmentix

As we see in some of Bleach’s latest chapters, Ichigo is after Yhwach, he would like to stop them in an effort to stop the war as well as to get some of his questions answered. Ichigo wants to make his way back to the King’s Palace to fight and stop him, but alone what can he really do. Ishida, Jugram and the King, Yhwach, are all-powerful to which have the capabilities to cause harm against anyone. 

The fantastic image above was actually made by the one and only iFrAgMenTIx who’s work is absolutely amazing. He has a number of other fan art on this blog as well as more of many other anime’s on his, be sure to check him out. Also be sure to share the page elsewhere for other fans to see.

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