Bullet of Bullets – Sword Art Online II 5 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 5 aired recently, both Kirito and Sinon reach the offices by which they both sign up and quickly get ready for their match up. Kirito faces his first live battle and wins by a hair’s length. The mysterious Death Gun approaches Kirito to which he glances on the sign he has on his hands to be from the guild Laughing Coffins.Kirito and Sinon readySword Art Online II episode 5 begins as both Kirito and Sinon get to the challenge in time as they sign up and Kirito uses his own details instead of actually using a false identity. Both Kirito and Sinon go ahead to the challenger room F where they see other players take part in the challenge too. Of which people can observe other players from there.

Kirito slapped by SinonSinon and Kirito get into the same changing room as though she believes that he is a female, she begins to change in front of him when he quickly gives up his disguise and shows his name and gender as male. Sinon slaps Kirito in the fact for doing something like this.

Kirito doesn’t seem to know what to do at this point and thus just follows Sinon. She tells Kirito three things to which they will help him to which he’s grateful. Kirito also meets Sinon’s friend, Spiegel, who is there to observe Sinon and her fights. Kirito gets the idea that she might be Death Gun from what she says.

Kirito stabs opponentThe counter runs down and Kirito’s first match begins, he’s faced by a person who uses the bushes and surroundings to which Kirito uses he’s senses and his abilities to move really quickly to evade and defeat the person he’s currently facing.

Kirito faced by Death Gun

Kirito faced by Death Gun

Laughing Coffin Guild LogoAfter he gets to the matching stage where he would observe the players he is quickly seen by the man we know as Death Gun! Kirito quickly backs out from his position while this man mentions that his name, abilities with a sword and such are magnificent. Kirito knows from this point on that he’s someone from the previous games, it could be anyone however he notices a specific tattoo on his arm which points it being someone from Laughing Coffin. The episode ends here.

The logo that appeared in the image above was from the guild Laughing Coffins which appeared in a few episodes over and over again, they first appeared in episode 6 of the first season. Their guild began by PoH who gathered orange players within Sword Art Online.

Personally I think the recurring fact that such players, from the old Sword Art Online game has come into Gun Gale Online is good, it points out that from such as vicious games many bad things had formed which led this to happen. It’s not known if Kirito has deduced if the man standing in front of him is known to be Death Gun or not, however I’m sure he’ll find out soon enough.

I feel the series is developing quite well, its grounding the basics for everything to be based on, well since we known Laughing Coffin are the culprits, it’s easy to say that their basics for the story seem to have been put down. I like the way it’s currently going and want to see more of whats happening, can’t wait for next week’s Sword Art Online II episode 6, titled “Duel in the Wastelands” where we’re most likely to see Sinon’s battle, and most likely Kirito’s next few too.

What do you think?

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