Human Acnologia! Dragon Graveyard – Fairy Tail 176

Fairy Tail 176 is finally upon as, as I say that we learn a great deal whereby Acnologia, the Dragon Kind, is revealed to have started out as a human who killed and bathed in dragon’s blood. Gajeel shows everyone the Dragon Graveyard whereby Wendy uses her Milky Way to call upon Zirconis who tells them about the Dragons and how they disappeared. We also see Lector getting killed by Jiemma, the Guild Master, leading Sting to critically injure Jiemma. 

Fairy Tail 176 is finally back after a years wait. It begins as we see Lucy with many dragons surrounding her and the sky, everything around her is in ruins. She is nearly killed by fire when Natsu absorbs up, the dragon appears and Natsu introduces himself. Everyone take breaks in a pub whereby Natsu and Gray are once again at it.

They’re enjoying their time while Juvia loves Gray fighting, Lucy tells them to stop it. Makarov even tells them to work out who’s the strongest. Everyone is up for it, Natsu and Gray get ready when Happy and his fish are hit. Erza’s cake is hit by the fish and she gets pissed off. Mirajane notices how Wendy has grown up so much.

Erza gets involved and stops it all, she mentions that they’re in the middle of the Grand Magic and thus they need to stay concentrated. Gajeel comes in pissed off that Natsu pushed him off, however he has something important to show them. People outside look at the rankings and begin to support their favourite.

Jiemma is not happy with Sting and Rogue, thus he gets angry and pushes them apart after they don’t have anything important to say. Frosch and Lector both try to help them. They’re pushed around and told to remove their guild crest. Lector tries to calm down Jiemma but it seems that he’s even more pissed off that a cat is in his guild, he quickly eliminates him.

Sting gets really angry and cries out loud to which Rogue notices that he must protect Frosch, everyone is shocked that this has happened. Sting quickly shouts and out of anger hits Jiemma right in the stomach to which he collapses, Minerva smiles at this sight. We see Jellal follow the mysterious girl, to which he quickly notices who it is.

He gets back to Meredy and Ultear to which they’re told what is going to happen, it seems that it’s based on Eclipse and the Dragon King. Gajeel leads them to a Dragon Graveyard to see the numerous numbers of dragon bones. Wendy realises something about one of her spells, Milky Way!

Wendy mentions that it could be a way to technique to allow her to listen to voices her dragons. Maybe using it they can find a way to talk to the dragon. We see the mysterious girl with a pen and book to which she writes something, however when a security guard appears she runs, whats written on the paper is July 7th, Eclipse Project and Festival of the Dragon King.

Wendy is done doing the preparations for Milky Way, she activates it and looks for souls of dragons. She finds one that appears large right in front of them. The dragon scares Natsu and the others however it’s not able to do anything since it’s in a astral form. He reveals himself as Zirconis the Jade Dragon.

They quickly ask their questions to which he mentions that around 400 years ago, Dragons rules the world, there was a dragon who wanted to coexist with humans, some dragons agreed and thus battle had started by those who agreed and those that disagreed. The war heated up thus the dragons who agreed talked to humans and created Dragon Slayers.

There was a man, a dragon slayer with too much power to which he even went as far as to kill all dragons, even those that were peaceful. He continued to destroyed dragons and bathed in their blood. He himself became a dragon! It’s what Dragon Slayer usually leads to. He quickly became the Dragon King and created the Festival of the Dragon King. His name was Acnologia!

He slaughtered most of the dragons, to which Zirconis begins to disappear and his last words are that Humans did this. Zirconis then passes away. Arcadios appears with Yukino to which he mentions that he heard everything, and that he believes that Acnologia was created by Zeref himself. Carla remembers a few things that will happen in the future.

We go back to which Lucy is about to get eaten in this future, Natsu appears and helps her. He quickly jumps into action and begins to fight as many dragons as possible, he quickly takes out 4 dragons and begins to smash most of them. He’s pushed back but mentions that he’s not going to give up on this. He will fight! Fairy Tail 176 ends here!

Fairy Tail is Back! And with an awesome opening and ending songs, I can’t believe how awesome this episode was, I’m really happy that the episode is back, I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 177, titled “Project Eclipse”, when we see the Grand Magic Battles continues with all the remaining guilds.

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  1. mabritish

    yes, I don’t no if it’s me but I enjoy anime more than a manga. there is alot happening in there plus seeing those faces n books again makes it even better.

    but what I don’t get is why this anime label episode 1?


    1. Sunite

      Well it’s supposed to be the second season, I too don’t get why they did that. It’s a little stupid. I wondered if I should call this Season 2 episode 1, but I just went with episode 176. I’m just going to keep that going.


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