Orochimaru Saves Tsunade! Kakashi and Obito – Naruto 635


Naruto 635 shows a different side to Orochimaru, he helps out Tsunade as well as the other Kage’s as they’re slowly being healed. Orochimaru wishes that he could help them all, he also commands Karin and Suigetsu to help attach Tsunade’s body. The Kage’s are come back and make a plan to joint he battlefield. Sasuke disagrees with Naruto’s plan and see’s that the Ten Tail’s is thinking a head. Obito and Kakashi are both seen stab each other.

Naruto 635 begins as Karin, Suigetsu and Orochimaru reach where Tsunade is. Suigetsu wonders how much salt wold be needed to defeat the slug. Orochimaru mentions that this is only a part of Katsuyu and that she was summoned from Shikkotsu Forest too, possibly by Sakura, thus the one here is pretty small. Karin tells Orochimaru not to listen to Suigetsu and that they should get on with the plan.

Orochimaru asks if she’s annoyed that she’s been brought so far away from Sasuke, she mentions that she’s not and blames Suigetsu for his stupidity. They get going in helping Tsunade. The land on the ground, Karin asks if the person in front of her, the old hag is really the Hokage. Suigetsu makes a joke about how she’s got a long torso as her body has been split apart. Orochimaru mentions that she’s overdone herself once more.

Katsuyu begins to hiss as though she’s about to attack, Tsunade hears Orochimaru’s voice. Orochimaru mentions that he came there to treat the fifth, he is not the enemy, Katsuyu mentions that she has no reason to believe in here, plus he’s suppose to be dead. Orochimaru mentions that if she see’s him doing something suspicious, she’s free to kill him.

Tsunade gives Katsuyu the sign and she lets Orochimaru do as he bids. He first asks where the others Kage’s are, she tells him that they’re seriously wounded and recovering inside her pieces, he asks why her recovery is so slow despite being here. She answers that she can only use her power to a certain extent depending on Tsunade’s Byakugo power. She is weak and thus cannot use her powers to her full extent. Orochimaru mentions that this would be true as he’s never seen her in such a weakened state.

Katsuyu mentions that she’s trying to stay there as well as focus on the healing, because of this, she cannot connect Tsunade’s body correctly. Suigetsu is told to connect Tsunade’s lower half to the top half. He’s forced into doing it, Karin is also forced into letting Tsunade bite her so she could retain and heal herself quicker. Orochimaru tries to scare them to do it.

Tsunade bites down and begins to heal herself. Tsunade asks Orochimaru why he’s doing this after betraying the village, he mentions that he’s found a few more hobbies, in the past all he wanted to do is become the wind that would make the windmill move, a metaphor for being all knowing and power. However now he realized that it’s much more interesting to wait for others winds to blow, he doesn’t want to be sealed before he can enjoy that wind.

Tsunade tells him that he doesn’t make sense, however he mentions that he’s changed. Orochimaru mentions that people change, either that or they die before changing, Jiraiya died just the way he was. If Orochimaru changed earlier, Jiraiya would have still been alive he mentions. For them, things don’t always go the way they want, they cannot be the same forever, thus hey have to change. This is why he wants to see where Sasuke will go, waiting slowly for his wind to come.

Tsunade thanks him for helping, she then asks if he knows about the war, he mentions that it’s because of it that he’s cooperating with her, Katsuyu mentions that she will report about this to others. Tsunade asks if they’re going to the battlefield, Orochimaru mentions that they will soon, however she should focus on recovering the Kage’s. They move away.

We go the battlefield, Sai wants to ask Sakura something so he follows her. Naruto shouts to Sasuke that the other Bijuu’s are inside the Ten Tails, Naruto goes on to mentions that once it’s weakened enough, he should put the black flames off, then Kurama and he will take the BIjuu’s out. Sasuke mentions quickly says no, it will all burn down. Naruto’s gets angry at him for such words. Naruto shouts Sasuke’s name so he listens.

Sasuke mentions that he will put an end to this twisted system, and create a new. He quickly notices that the Ten Tails is removing the burnt part from himself and replacing it. Sai asks Sakura, since he doesn’t know Sasuke well, he can look at him more objectively, he mentions that he cannot trust him as a friend, he asks how she feels about him. She mentions that it’s okay as Sasuke has finally come back, and she’s happy that he did, plus she trust him.

Sai  thinks of how her words may be sincere but her smile of his is false. Shikamaru notices a little of what’s just happened. Katsuyu mentions to Tsunade that it’s a more complex situation, she tells the other Kage’s that they should hurry. We see the Kage’s recovered with Tsunade only having half a body as they see her. Gaara mentions that he will carry everyone, they mention that they need to discuss while they go. We also see both Obito and Kakashi strike each other on the body within their own dimension. Naruto 635 ends here.

What a crazy chapter, Naruto and Sasuke are having problems, Sakura is being a bitch while Sai is trying to help her. She’s such a loser, not even understanding that Sasuke has changed. The Kage’s are finally alive and kicking, Kakashi and Obito are going at it, this time it’s for serious, their attacks on the body seem very real, hopefully it gets even more intense! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 636!

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  1. HinataX

    “Sakura thinks of how his words may be sincere but his smile of his is false.”

    Ermm….actually that was Sai’s thought not Sakura’s. She lied to Sai and gave him a fake smile, you can clearly see it from that BIG panale, can’t you? -*-


  2. Ninjastorm

    “We see the Kages recovered with Tsunade only having half a body as they see her.”

    Tsunade was just bending over in the panel with the other kages. you can see her arms


  3. Sarii Wind

    Honestly I didn’t think Sakura was being a bitch. I understood where she was coming from.

    Even if Sasuke did change, he still deserted her and the entire village to pursue revenge.
    It would be impossible to forget it ever happened. The thing is that Sakura once loved Sasuke, though her love was eventually eaten away by his betrayal. Even though he is back, the naive love she once held for him has disappeared. I think Sakura probably has feelings for someone else (Naruto possibly).

    I think this is why her smile appears to be false: she is happy he has returned, though she doesn’t love him the same way anymore. I think it would be sad to see someone you once loved and know you will never be able to love them the same way again.


    1. Sunite

      hmm i guess, she’s just not thinking right, I hope she doesn’t screw up, Naruto knows that he’s completely changed and that he will need to push him, while Sakura is just stupid at this moment..


      1. AeriaGloris

        She’s being smart. The guy wanted to kill everybody (including her) without knowing anything about the real reasons of his family’s murder. He went bersek and joined the other side to fulfill his crazy revenge. Now he wants to be Hokage. Sasuke is not reliable.


  4. AizenBach

    Sasuke’s intentions don’t make sense at all.There’s nothing good or reasonable about what Sasuke’s doing.You can’t kill a bijuu, that’s common knowledge, even if you do, the bijuu will appear sometime later reforming itself.That right there is an incomplete Juubi made from 7 bijuus which can’t be killed, you burn it and then it will appear in some place no one knows about and it’s gonna wreck havoc on the planet.The Bijuus are like entities of nature which must exist at all costs, otherwise nature most likely collapses.Juubi is the progenitor of the world for God’s sake.You can’t kill it, because not only it will come back, but you don’t know what are the consequences regarding the whole world.
    Think about it!It’s like meeting with God and you instantly try to kill God and let’s assume you can and you are successful in killing God.Now, think about the repercussions.You just met God, which means it’s actually a real entity which created the universe.Thinking, you realize that God is also keeping the balance in the universe, just by existing.Obviously if you get rid of that entity, the universe will collapse.That’s just how Narutoverse is.We know Juubi is the progenitor of the entire world, Juubi is literally the god of their world since it created everything and all chakra that there is comes from the Juubi itself whether it’s bijuu chakra, humans chakra, natural chakra etc.Why didn’t The Sage of the Six Paths destroyed the Juubi then, if the Juubi was such a threat to the world?Why didn’t Minato want to let Kyuubi die like how Kushina planned?Because the Juubi or the Bijuus(they are actually the same thing, only the Bijuus are what happens if you separate the Juubi’s chakra into 9 parts) can’t die, actually they should never die.Whether you kill all the 9 Bijuus or you fuse them back into Juubi and then kill the Juubi the end result will be the same.Not only they will come back later, but also you will upset the balance of nature itself because that’s how things work.If Sasuke wants to kill all 9 of them or 3(the incomplete Juubi with Hachibi and Kyuubi) is like destroying the Naruto world.I am sure he doesn’t realize this, but even if they only kill the incomplete Juubi(the first 7 Bijuus), it will still come back some time later so it’s pointless to kill a bijuu, they literally can’t be killed for good.If Sasuke wants to get rid of them so that the Ninja System is changed from the present system then the right thing to do is to seal them away.But not into Jinchurikis, because that won’t change anything, no, they have to seal them in something like in 9 different scrolls and then each scroll it’s taken and hidden somewhere where no village knows and each scroll should be protected by a representative of each village and one samurai(a representative of Mifune, hell Mifune himself could protect one, I trust he will keep the other 5 ninjas in check and he will not wish for power), that way no village gets to use the Bijuus, the Bijuus are separate and sealed so they don’t get to fuck shit up and by having one ninja from each village and one samurai protect each of the nine scrolls, all villages will understand and cooperate with each other way better also representing their union as the Shinobi Alliance while they keep their respective autonomy(kind of like the European Union).For this to work the 9 teams protecting the 9 scrolls, each team consisting of 5 ninjas(one from each village) and one samurai have to dedicate their lives to this mission.I am talking about those 9 teams have to have their own fortress hidden by a barrier or something and no village would know their locations so that no village gets any ideas.Also, when one member dies, one other member walks all the way to the village of that member who died(if he’s from Konoha, he goes to Konoha and so on) and asks for another ninja to dedicate his/her life to protecting the scroll with the other team members and it should be an honor and a privilege.And each village should train ninjas especially for this kind of situation, where they explain how things are from a very young age to instill the importance of this to the person and actually each member should know or should have a space-time technique(even the samurais).Why?So that when someone dies or if they need things like food and water, instead of walking all the way to the respective village and back(like I was suggesting earlier) risking to be followed and thus reveal the location of the scroll which their respective team protects, they could just teleport to the village, take what they need and/or take the someone to replace the one who died and then directly teleport back in order to avoid ambushes or being followed etc.Minato could teach them his Flying Thunder God Technique.And all members should also be experts in barrier ninjutsu and of course be elite ninjas, maybe even Kage level if possible.
    That’s how they can solve all this Bijuu problem in the Ninja world, not by killing all of them which will not solve anything because the Bijuus will keep coming back and you wouldn’t want the incomplete Juubi to keep coming back, but it will also worsen things with all the unbalancing the nature and most likely end the world.


  5. latifah

    Strange how evry one thinks a bout sakura how bitchy or emotional she is and foget that its the doings of Kishimoto to make people see her that way!!! If I own the Naruto I would make her strong and cold at least for once instead of being weak and crying.


  6. latifah

    People dnt get me wrong but mr.Kishimoto has not been fair in episodes naruto and naruto shippuden at all!!! Especially on Sakura. The only episodes where she, at least “USEFULL” were when they were still a genin in the Forest of death or something like that looking after Sasuke and Naruto after that snake boy’s attack on them, wat was his name again?…….. Orochimarou and when she was fighting Sasori with lady chiyo to save Gaara but the rest she only gets in the way or starts to cry and depend on others. Others like Naruto himself and am seriously fed up with it! If anyone out there agrees with me pllllllz send or reply a coment


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