The Past Behind Obito and Madara – Naruto 606

Naruto 606 finally reveals to us why Obito had turned over to help Madara in the first place, his desire to live and love Rin overruled everything in his life, even Kakashi’s rival-ship turned into hatred, his wish to create a new world in which Rin and himself are there turned his whole world upside down.

Naruto 606 starts out as the object in the sky in which Obito create now starts to crack and the people start to fall down. He starts to walk towards Rin, while thinking about what Madara had said. He remember specific sentences which Madara has said such as the fact that if there is Light, there will also be Shadow or darkness.

Madara looks at Kakashi’s body and completely avoid its. Obito now looks towards Rin’s body while she’s dead. Obito goes to touch her when he stops himself, before actually touching her a few impurities in her neck start to appear, it’s as though it reacted towards something. Obito is startled but doesn’t care.

Rin thinks of when in a dream, everything goes in the way you want but after being woken, everything changes. Obito touches her face and start crying at the fact that he never got to do such a thing. Obito brings himself to Rin and embraces her as he’s saddened, he says that he will create a world where she is alive. He then looks at Kakashi leaving him there as he’s unconscious. He promises to change the fate of this world.

He tells everything that happened to Madara, he laughs and says that he hopes no one saw him, Zetsu confirms that no one was able to detect him as he killed all the enemies leaving Kakashi untouched, he didn’t see anything. When the reinforcement from the Leaf arrived, they wondered at who annihilated the enemy.

Madara asks if he feels regret for his past teammate, Obito replies that he doesn’t care whether he lives or dies he couldn’t care less, Obito mentions that Kakashi will be in the world they’re about to create, and so will Rin. Obito asks Madara asks how one would create a dream world.

Madara smiles and tells Obito to come closer. Starting from today, Obito will be the savior. Madara enables his Genjutsu bringing Obito into a world where nothing but whiteness is. Madara tells him that they’re in his Genjutsu, he can create and control anything he desires within this Genjutsu world. If he’s connected to the Mazo, he can use its power and create anything, he shows Obito his more younger form.

With this Genjutsu, he can create a world exactly as he wants it, and then he just has to cast it on people thus dragging them inside this world. He says that by using the Moon instead of his eyes to cast this Genjutsu, he can create the dream world. He then explains using the point of view from Six Path and the Tailed Beasts.

At a different point in time, Obito and Zetsu are around looking for the Akatsuki, they lay their eyes upon Nagato who is described to have Madara’s Rinnegan, he had transplanted them on him when he was still a boy without him realizing it. Zetsu explains that Nagato is from the Senju Lineage thus he’s the only person besides Madara able to summon the Gedo Mazo.

Madara previously explained that when his life was nearly over, he had awakened the Rinnegan, with this he was able to break a certain seal, he was able to summon the Gedo Mazo from the stone it was sealed into. Madara has used Hashirama’s cells and the Gedo Mazo as a catalyst to activate and create Zetsu clones.

Someone cannot just activate the Rinnegan without first having both the Uchiha’s and Senju’s power. Obito tells Zetsu that they first need to befriend Nagato as Madara, they will gather all the Bijuu’s and then revive Madara with Nagato’s Rinne Tensei.

Madara has previously thought Obito all the Kinjutsu and Rikudou Jutsu, as well as the In’Youton Jutsu. After this point, Madara mentions that he had put his will inside one of the Zetsu’s thus turning him half of him black.

Madara then does a hand seal in which he removes a black pole from Hashirama’s body, he says that its necessary to bring Madara back, during the Rikudou No Jutsu. At this point, Madara starts to die, he tell Obito to go until he’s back. Nagato looks upon Obito within his Zetsu Suit. He asks who he is, Obito reveals to Nagato that he’s name is Madara Uchiha! Naruto 606 ends here.

We finally know most of what we needed to know about Madara and Obito’s past, I presume that this is the best time to get back to the War. That was certainly a great chapter, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 607. It’s going to be another awesome chapter, stay tuned.

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  1. SpaZI

    Awesome Chapter first of all……. This should have been chapter 600!!!!
    Anyways…. lots of theories have been confirmed here (Black Zetsu, Tobi’s fighting capability origins, Rinnigan eyes origin [possibly the only one in the series], Juubi’s body / Gedou Mazo info)….. IMO The super villain of the series is now EDO Madara (Infinite Chakra , Senju ability spam , Uchiha ability Spam & to top it all off hes got the Rikodou’s eyes), im guessing now only the pair of Naruto & Sasuke would beat him,,…… this will be kind of poetic justice as both Naruto & Sauke are the current generation’s, Younger son of SO6P & Older Son of SO6P Prodigies “Respectively”….

    Also im guessing the cause of Rin’s death will not be that crucial to the overall naruto verse…… it might just be a case of Rin being a spy or Mist ninja trying to obtain a ability from her, might even be that she was being controlled and trying to obtain Kakashi sharingan forcing him to kill her to defend himself……. In any case its highly probable it wont be as earth shatering as Tobi’s real identity reveal or the like…….. :]
    Possibly it will be revealed during Obito’s fight with Kakashi & Gai, so look forward to that…… :]


    1. Sunite

      It’s becoming more and more obvious that Sasuke and Naruto will face Obito and Madara, but if Sasuke looks at Obito, his Amaterasu may activate..
      Yeah it seems like Rin’s neck reacted to something, I presume she was some kind of experiment or something biological unstable or a test tube baby… and as you mentioned her secretive mission could have been to obtain a Sharingan but failed…. if this is true, then I presume that the Mangekyou Sharingan activated because of Obito only, and not Kakashi. My reasoning for this is the fact that Kakashi killed her, Kakashi point of view changed from close friend to enemy therefore Mangekyou Sharingan wouldn’t activate, but since Obito saw the incident before his eyes, Obito’s point of view was lover or very close friend, his eyes took that emotion in, as well as the fact that she was killed by the Sharingan user(Kakashi) and thus the MG was activated.

      I’m not sure if that makes sense but yeah and, it would have made a little bit more sense if she was and Edo Tensei participant..


      1. SpaZI

        a little correction to your reply….. Mangekyo Sharingan or M.S activates when sm1 emotionally attached to the sharingan user is killed…. In this case even if Rin was an enemy she was nevertheless emotionally attached to Kakashi aswell….. when Kakashi killed her he must have experienced remorse or regret, whereas Obito must have experianced extreme sadness at that time,…….. courtesy of the shared Sharingan and being physically present there obito had the same experiance Kakashi had when he excuted Rin (minus the battle ofcourse)…. This would have brought on the Sharingan transformation.
        [The dynamics of shared sharingan eyes specifically their MS activation is still sketchy as we havnt seen this case in the manga previously so its kind of a theory]

        ill also point out here that Sasuke activated his M.S when he won the battle against Itachi. Itachi at that time was Sasuke’s #1 enemy or Nemesis. Add to that, being his elder brother who he had fond chilhood memories with, he idolized him, indicating that he was emotionally attached to itachi. Itachi then massacred the entire Uchiha clan, and left the execution of his parents to be aired live in front of sasuke…… Transforming Sasukes love for his brother into extreme hate…..

        All these are pointers,.. that to activate M.S the target must be sm1 you have an emotional attachment with … be it hate …. Love … or even friendship….


        1. Sunite

          Ah right, lol, my knowledge of the Sharingan or the MS wasn’t the best so thanks for the correction 😀 and yeah my idea was somewhat in the ballpark of how it actually worked, with your clear explanation I get it now 😛


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