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Kabuto’s First Memories! Izanami – Naruto Shippuden 335

Naruto Shippuden 335 begins the lost lasting story of Kabuto, as we begin we find that he’s first memories are those when he gets to know his adopted mother Nono Yakushi, from the moment she gave her the name to when she was fully adopted. We also find out that Kabuto tries to become an even better Orochimaru, surpassing Snakes and becoming a Dragon. Itachi also mentions that he’s about to activate his technique Izanami to which he’ll use on Kabuto. Continue reading Kabuto’s First Memories! Izanami – Naruto Shippuden 335

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5 Kage’s vs Madara! Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto – Naruto Shippuden 333

Kabuto gets ready to fight

Naruto Shippuden 333 hypes the fight between Sasuke and Itachi vs Kabuto. As explained by Itachi, all jutsu’s have a weakness, furthermore we see Tsunade show that she is indeed powerful enough to face Madara, she goes as far as to enable her Healing Abilities, even after taking a critical hit she quickly gets back up and show her abilities which are used without even weaving hand jutsu’s. Continue reading 5 Kage’s vs Madara! Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto – Naruto Shippuden 333

Madara vs Kage’s! Sasuke Meets Itachi – Naruto Shippuden 332

Hashirama's face on MadaraNaruto Shippuden 332 shows the truth to why Madara has Hashirama’s abilities, in fact it’s due to him having Hashirama’s face as well as cells giving him the ability to use his jutsu’s. The Kage’s keep on fighting Madara Uchiha only to keep getting pushed down more and more. Sasuke somehow meets Itachi during his way to the battlefield, from this he tells Itachi that what he did was wrong, and that he should have been killed. Itachi tells Sasuke he needs to stop Kabuto and the Edo Tensei. Continue reading Madara vs Kage’s! Sasuke Meets Itachi – Naruto Shippuden 332

Edo Tensei Release – Perfect Susanoo Form Stabilized – Naruto 589

A very destructive Naruto 589 Chapter with Madara enabling his Perfect Susanoo Form as well as stabilizing it to a whole new form impressive form! He reveals to the Kage’s that they have no chance of doing a thing! Itachi gets Kabuto in his Sharingan and chants the words to release Edo Tensei! He does this while Sasuke tells him that he won’t stop until he has made sure that the village has paid for their doings! Edo Tensei starts to be released in different places, everyone gets their consciousness back.

A very impressive Naruto 589 Chapter! We begin as Madara stabilizes his Susanoo to look completely different. He now has a full face with long nose, also has protection as well as a sword, looks like a human in its current form. Tsunade looks and admires at how big it is. She also mentions that there’s a huge difference between the Kage’s and Madara. She wonders if her grandfather, Hashirama Senju, really fought against Madara because currently he seems unbelievable!

Madara tells them that it’s a good thing that Hashirama currently not there because the maps and would have to be redrawn because the fight they would have would change the face of the Earth. He gets his sword out swiftly swipes it on the ground which literally creates a large ripple to which breaks everything in its way, all the rocks and even mountains in its way are sliced in half!

Onoki tells Madara that with this much power, why was he going so easy on him when he was still young some time ago, Madara tells Onoki that because he was still a child, he could not have fought seriously in that case. The Kage’s are currently very afraid of this, Onoki steps in to tell the other Kage’s that they can’t to lose here because it would be too great of a loss.

Madara reveals to them that one slash of the sword possesses the power to break all creation, only the Bijuu’s have such power, and Madara is able to compare to them with such a great amount of power. He tells the Kage’s that their paths will be smashed into pieces because they have no hope!

In the cave, Itachi, Sasuke and Kabuto are in there. Itachi gets the signs, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Tiger, Dragon and Boar. As Kabuto does the hand signs, Sasuke tells Itachi that there is nothing he can do to change the outcome of this. He carries on to tell Itachi that he had followed him here because he wanted to confirm the things that Tobi and Danzo had told him were true or not.

When Sasuke is with Itachi, he can remember the past, all the feelings from his childhood come rushing in to him about his much loved brother, Itachi. The more he spends his time with Itachi, the more hatred towards Konoha builds because of what they had done to him in the past. Sasuke understand what Itachi wants him to do, but Sasuke won’t budge because as he is his little brother, Sasuke won’t stop no matter what. As Itachi wants to protect the village, Sasuke is out to destroy the village. Sasuke tells Itachi Good Bye right at the last second, before the Edo Tensei is completely released.

As it’s released, everywhere else, everyone is being affected as they can notice the change within them. Kankuro and Deidara talk as Deidara promises to explode with his art but after some time he’s no longer believed, he notices the change and it seems as though somethings going to blow up. Mu also regains consciousness as he notices the mess he’s made here. Dan also notices that he’s changing. Light from the body goes up towards the heavens as though their souls are going.

Naruto also notices that the Jinchuuriki’s are also changing and lights are shining upwards. Naruto thanks Itachi because he’s the person who had done this. As Itachi’s body starts to degrade, Itachi tells Sasuke that he can still make it. Naruto 589 ends as the lights begin to ascend from the battlefield!

The start of the end of the battle has begun! And Naruto is still fighting Tobi! There is no more distractions for Naruto and the others as all the Edo Tensei users are going back thus Kabuto, Tobi and Zetsu are possibly all alone during this fight. We’ll have to wait and see what happens during the next Naruto 590 Chapter as Naruto will be on break next week, Naruto will continue his fight with Tobi. And Madara’s Perfect Form will stop when Edo Tensei stopping reaches him!

Susanoo Perfect Form – 5 Kage’s Fight On – Naruto 588

Naruto 588 shows us the end of the battle between Itachi vs Kabuto. Itachi finally get’s Kabuto in his Sharingan after releasing Izanami. The 5 Kage’s keep on battling against the notorious Madara Uchiha. Madara has cloned himself 25 times to show each Kage how 1 vs 5 feels like. The 5 Kage’s have no plan on how they should defeat the clones and get too Madara because they are getting heavily bombarded by the clones. Madara Uchiha releases his Susanoo Perform Form!

We start Naruto 588 with Itachi and Sasuke chatting while Kabuto is under the Izanami technique. Itachi takes off Kabuto’s glasses, he tells Itachi that by doing that, he will end the Edo Tensei as well as all the souls under it. Sasuke tells Itachi that he’ll also disappear. Itachi tells him, as a member of the Konohagakure, he will be able to protect his homeland. Plus, he has no more attachments to this world.

Sasuke once more shouts to Itachi to tell him why he’s doing that even after all they have done to him. Sasuke tells Itachi, even if he forgives them, Sasuke won’t do such a thing. Sasuke carries to telling Itachi that he’s got attachments on this world, which is Sasuke, because of the way he made him. Itachi thinks of Naruto, he tells Sasuke that he’s no longer the person who can change him.

This is why he needs to stop the Edo Tensei, it’s because it’s the least he can do to keep everything from going bad, he left in Naruto’s hand for this sake. Itachi lifts Kabuto’s eyelids, he then asks Kabuto to teach him the seal capable of stopping the Edo Tensei. Everything vibrates, it may seem as though it worked, but personally I think Kabuto had placed some kind of seal.

At the ground where the 5 Kage’s fight. They are all getting beaten up by the clones which Madara Uchiha had created. Gaara tries to help the Mei as she’s getting beaten up, but as he tries to keep his guard up, the clones smash him from the top. He’s unable to defend. Mei Terumi tells Gaara they’re too stong. Gaara replies, at this rate they may die. Tsunade is going on an all out bashing match with the clones, Raikage tells her that she’s using up too much Chakra the way she’s going and that she should calm down.

Tsunade falls for using too much chakra, Raikage gets distracted by this and is captured by one of the clones and it’s Susanoo. The clone enables it’s Mangekyou Sharingan and Raikage’s captured by it. As the clones go for the attack, Onoki appears and uses a defensive jutsu to capture Raikage in the rock hand. Onoki releases the Mangekyou Sharingan. The Real Madara, watching from far away, notices that Onoki is more powerful than first thought because he used a defensive weighted stone and even saved Raikage.

Onoki get’s the Kage’s spirit up by telling them that this is a matter of life and death, and that it’s very important. They should be able to deal with this because they are the people who their village chose as their Kage’s. They also need to make sure that their final words don’t ruin their reputation. Gaara tells them that Naruto had left this battle against Madara against them. Mei tells them that they took this battle away from Naruto, and that they have to win no matter what! They entrusted the titles of the 5 Kage to them, they can’t let the village’s down!

They finally make a plan, Onoki points his arms at the Susanoo clones. He and Tsunade are joining up chakra to allow them to create a massive Jinton Genkai Hakuri No Jutsu! He creates this an Madara tries to escape this, but he’s not able to absorb all the Jinton. A large dragon like beast comes up and captures Madara with sand and lava like substances. Sand with water makes it harder, with lava and heat with electric water bullets. Onoki tells Madara that, this is the full power of the 5 Kage’s!

Madara agree’s but he doesn’t intend to go down so easily. Madara then goes on ahead to show them the real full strength of Uchiha Madara. 5 Kage’s of not, they will soon realize just how futile everything will be. Madara Uchiha releases his Susanoo Perfect Form!! Which is larger than anything you’ve seen before! The ultimate evil descends!! Naruto 588 ends here!!!

That was one EPIC chapter!! I’m damn hyped about the Susanoo Perfect Form that it’s literally impossible to tell you how awesome this is with just words! Next week’s Naruto 589 is going to be one of the best chapters! Hopefully the Kage’s will realize how powerful Madara Uchiha is and possibly will get a beating! As they have no chance of winning, the only possible chance they have is Itachi ending the Edo Tensei in time. Hopefully they do it in time before any of the Kage’s die!

Stop Edo Tensei – How Izanami Works – Naruto 587

Naruto’s 587 Manga Chapter explains the background of how both Izanami and Izanagi work. Kabuto still fights to escape the looping illusion which was caused by Itachi. As a consequence Itachi had gone blind on one of his eyes. Kabuto’s brother Urushi wonders when Kabuto will be back as he still waits for him even after such a long time.

Naruto 587 continues from last week’s chapter. Sasuke asks Itachi when he had used it because even Sasuke had not noticed when he used it. Izanami was first initiated during the point when Kabuto had first stabbed with his sword. Sasuke asks how an eye technique can do something like this without using the eyes. Itachi responds by saying that Izanami works using your opponents senses.

The instant you voluntarily decide to act, your memorize the bodily sensation of that instant like an image, but using his eyes. You replicate the same bodily sensation intentionally and memorize that as well like before which creates the same point again. Izanami overlaps the first point and the second point which connects them. By doing this it connects the time that passed between them. In other words, it creates an infinite loop. In exchange for Itachi’s eyesight.

Itachi explains that the Izanami was originally created as a methods to punish and save the users of Izanagi. Izanagi was rumored to be the most perfect Uchiha eye technique, allowing them to change destiny. If what you do is not correct of successful, you can just delete and go back, just like what Danzo did. Its a way to only keep the results that are useful to you.

During an important fight, where Uchiha were not allowed to fail, Izanagi was extremely helpful as it allowed them to correct any mistakes they had made. The risk that was implied about losing their eyesight was just the understatement. The users became arrogant and used it too much for themselves. If one person does it, it’s okay. But if more than one person does it, they ended up fighting over which results were better. Izanami was created to stop this conflict.

It’s a technique invented to save other Uchiha comrades from Arrogance and Procrastination. It stopped people that tried to use the easy way to run away from the results they had created. When the person acknowledge their results and stop trying to run away the jutsu is cancelled. It’s a Jutsu to teach people not to rely on Jutsu but to accept their own destiny. Therefore the Izanami Jutsu became a Kinjutsu.

Itachi explains to Sasuke that he had to use his technique because he had blindly believed that he was able to obtain everything and nothing was impossible for him. Thus he’s afraid of failing and tries to convince himself that he could not possibly fail. Kabuto has deceived himself that other people’s power is his own, he needs to realize that he will have use for them. Itachi states that he needs to realize this before he dies, unlike Itachi did.

Sasuke screams out by saying that he’s doing such a thing for someone like him and that Itachi is perfect. Itachi calms Sasuke down to tell him that he had to go as far as to use an eye technique called Kotoamatsukami to control Sasuke. He treated him like a child, which he wanted to protect, and didn’t realize that Sasuke had the power to protect himself. He tells Sasuke that there is no such thing as perfection and that comparing with other things they can move along nicely.

Just like Izanagi and Izanami. Itachi tells Sasuke that he should find what he didn’t have. Plus he shouldn’t call him perfect because as he explained before, he isn’t. Kabuto inside the loop keeps on fighting and tells himself that he’s perfect. Kabuto starts to remember that all he wants is someone to notice him. He wanted to be acknowledged. Why would that be a mistake.

Itachi carries to tell Sasuke that he should always acknowledge his real self. This way he would not have to tell any lies, not even to himself. There is no trust in lies, you wont get any comrades to rely on Sasuke if that happens. In the Izanami loop, Kabuto keeps on attacking even if his chances seems bleak.

A friends of Kabuto speaks out the words “Already 9″, the time when Kabuto and his friends went to bed. Urushi is helping a friend out as he is being healed. He tells him that he should come to his house to wait for Kabuto to come back and help him heal him. His house is still the orphanage. Itachi now speaks that he will stop the Edo Tensei! Naruto 587 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter! Hopefully Kabuto will realize himself and hopefully stop the Edo Tensei. Or the war will continues on. I hope next week’s Naruto 588 will have some exciting fights and hopefully Kabuto stopping the Izanami somehow and keep on fighting!

Izanami Activates – Naruto 586

As predicted, In Naruto 586, titled “Izanami Activates”, Itachi still lives and his impressive Izanami has been successfully activated right on time. Itachi tells Kabuto that because he doesn’t acknowledge himself, he’s going to lose this match. Kabuto keeps attacking Itachi after each point he’s stabbed, but see’s no damage being done. Kabuto notices that everything repeats after Itachi is stabbed. Kabuto has no control of the situation what so ever.

We continue with when Itachi was cut in half. But Itachi’s Izanami had successfully activated. As Itachi seems cut, Sasuke throws his sword to stop Kabuto touching Itachi. The snake which Kabuto has holds the sword. Sasuke’s Susanoo arm pushes forward to try to hold Kabuto, but this was unsuccessful and Kabuto escapes and sticks himself above the cave.

Sasuke and Kabuto both launch their own Katon Goukayou No Jutsu, at each other. Sasuke’s Fire fails and thus Kabuto’s fight swoosh’s by Sasuke hand. Kabuto notices that everything has started to disappears. A few moments later, Kabuto is seen stabbing Itachi as he comes out from nowhere! Both Sasuke and Kabuto are shocked seeing him.

After Kabuto stabs Itachi, a horde of crows space apart from itself. The sword which Kabuto had now belongs to Itachi hand. Itachi strikes but no damage is done. Kabuto tells Itachi that illusions will not take any effect because they both have no chance of victory. Itachi warns Kabuto that he’s Fate is already within his grasp, and thus the fight will be finished by the Forbidden Uchiha Technique.

A drop of water come from the top of the cave and hits Kabuto’s left shoulder. Kabuto goes for an attack, he notices that both of them have already attacked themselves using that pose. Itachi blocking Kabuto’s attack with Sasuke’s sword, while Itachi calls out Izanami. They are both pushed back and Sasuke comes to help, Itachi tells Sasuke to get away from there.

Kabuto tells them that, the move they just used felt like a Deja Vu, plus he’s sick of prolonging the end of the battle, so he decides that they should both finish the battle. Itachi repeats the words, “Your fate is in my grasp”, but Kabuto is the one that decides what happens of it. Kabuto tells Itachi that he doesn’t have any idea what Itachi is talking about. Kabuto attacks with his Orochimaru Head.

Once again, from the mouth, Kabuto comes. Itachi holds the Orochimaru head. As Kabuto comes from it. Sasuke holds the body of Kabuto. Then a second body comes out from Kabuto’s body. Kabuto uses his mouth this time to rip his arm off, then he holds the sword and quickly stabs Sasuke from the back. The crows appear once again. Kabuto wonders what’s happening here.

Kabuto let’s go of the sword and Itachi captures it again. This time Itachi repeats the moment where Kabuto’s horn is slashed off. Kabuto wonders why this is happening, even if his eyes have not been opened the illusions should not be working. Sasuke sends a fire-ball at Kabuto, he repels it with his own.

The water droplet drops on Kabuto again. He wonders what Itachi did to him. Itachi replies with that he’s been caught in his eyes jutsu even if he says that he’s not opened his eyes. The attack from where happens once more as a repeat, Izanami is shouted again. He tells himself that he’s all-powerful and thus he’s undefeatable. Itachi jumps to the sky and Kabuto stabs him once more, the crows appears.

Itachi reappears and cuts the horn, again. Itachi tells him that he’s fate is in Itachi’s hand. Kabuto shouts his name loudly as he feels as though he’s being mocked. Itachi realises that he isn’t able to escape the loop. Outside the Izanami loop, Itachi is seen putting his hand on top of Kabuto’s head as he controls him using the Izanami. Naruto 586 chapter ends here.

That was a pretty epic chapter. The power of Izanami has been released, and it holds its name of being an impressive Forbidden Technique. Although, it’ll be good to see how Kabuto is able to break the technique since he calls himself a god. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 586 where Itachi could possibly defeat Kabuto!

Kabuto kills Itachi during Izanami Release!? – Naruto 585

After some time waiting, Naruto 585 has finally been released and it’s not a dip into Kabuto’s past, even better! The fight between Sasuke and Itachi versus Kabuto continues as Kabuto fights back even harder proving that he’s able to kick some Uchiha ass. The Izanami is also nearly released by Itachi but Kabuto somehow attacks with such speed that it splits Itachi’s body in half! It seems as though it’s all over.

Kabuto continues talking from the chapter before. He continues to explain that he doesn’t want their sermons, but the ability and data on Itachi. He tells Itachi that Itachi is a shinobi from the Konoha, a descendant of the famed Uchiha Clan. He stores many secrets and has also stopped multiple wars, plus he also possess many powerful jutsu’s and abilities such as the Mangekyou Sharingan. Itachi had possessed those things in order to create himself, therefore there is no better target for he’s Edo Tensei. “My Pawns are my Power, Plain and Simple” explains Kabuto.

Kabuto is then told by Itachi that he is overestimating him because of he’s failures. Kabuto denies it and tells him that he envy’s the name Uchiha as it shows ones roots and ties. Therefore taking such as name as Uchiha would have no meaning, that’s having it when born means much more says Itachi. Kabuto shouts at him it does have a meaning.

Kabuto quickly starts doing hand seals, Sasuke asks Itachi why he can’t kill him because he’s been taking initiative. The facts are that Kabuto is still in control of the battlefield and all the soldiers who are under the control of the Edo Tensei. Sasuke asks when the Izanami will be ready, Itachi responds that it will take a little more time.

Out of Kabuto’s belly comes out a few characters which help Kabuto, although the these shinobi’s are tied to Kabuto, but can’t really move. Sakon-Souma No Jutsu and Jiroubou Doton Doroku Gaeshi are said by Kabuto. Kabuto tells Itachi and Sasuke, if you want to know who you are, father up al the date you can in the world and you’ll find out who you really are.

A spider-like ninja appears, he sends a Kidoumaru Kumo Soukai (Meaning Spider Nest Open) Jutsu which covers the whole surrounding of both Itachi and Sasuke. They then use Amaterasu which burns the strong web. Another character opens and releases he’s jutsu, Kimimaro Shikotsu Myaku Sawarabi No Mai (Meaning Dance of the Seedling Fern) which closes the back point of Itachi and Sasuke, so they can’t move back.

Sasuke tells Itachi to get the back and Sasuke the front and to use their Susanoo to eliminate the objects at the front and back. Sasuke uses he’s Enton-Kagut-Suchi. One of the characters who is held by Kabuto create a flute type object, the character changes once more and the characters starts to play the flute. Tayuya Mateki Mugen Onsa (Meaning Demonic Flute – Phantom Sound Chains).

At this point, they see themselves trapped in such a world that the snakes hole them making them unable to escape. Sasuke suggests its Genjutsu, Kabuto tells them that even the powerful Susanoo cannot block sound. Kabuto then releases one more person, Orochimaru, he reminds Sasuke that he’s seen he’s current form before. Itachi butts in to tell him that he’s never going to be able to be just like he’s master, Orochimaru. Itachi reminds him that because he’s trying to lie and deceive himself he’s going to fail. At this point the face of Orochimaru itself goes quickly towards Itachi and Sasuke.

As it get’s closer, Itachi tells Sasuke to look into he’s eyes. Genjutsu Sharingan Tsukuyomi! Out of nowhere, Sasuke and Itachi both hold the head of Orochimaru and try to go for the kill. Itachi tells both of them that he will enter Izanami now. From the mouth of Orochimaru’s face, Kabuto comes out and within a few milliseconds he cuts Itachi in half! They are both shocked at how fast Kabuto is. As he cuts Itachi, he says that he wants to be himself! There’s no way Itachi and Sasuke who’ve had everything could understand. At this point Tears start to come out of Kabuto’s eyes. Naruto 585 ends here.

That was possibly one of the best chapters I’ve seen between these three shinobi’s! Kabuto is amazingly powerful to have cut Itachi in half! But to me it seems as though he casted he’s Sharingan before which could mean that Kabuto is already under Itachi’s jutsu, and the cut he made to Itachi was not the real kill. I’m sure that Itachi will kick Kabuto’s ass during next week’s Naruto 585 episode!

Kabuto’s Past is Told – Naruto 583

Another look at Kabuto’s past as he meets Orochimaru for the first time. He joins Roots to become an even stronger Ninja as well as learn Medical Ninjutsu. During one of he’s missions he notices he’s mother at her near death state, but the most shocking part of it is, that she doesn’t recognize Kabuto one bit, even though he still tries to save her using his Medical Ninjustu.

We start Chapter 583, with Kabuto carrying on to tell he’s past to both Itachi and Sasuke. Kabuto’s mother asks if he’s still able to work, he replies with yes and carry’s on working. He out of starts healing Orochimaru’s hand, Orochimaru tells him that he should become a Shinobi, but Kabuto replies that he needs the money to provide the Orphanage with money to keep it going.

Within the Orphanage, 3 people visit it, one of which is Orochimaru and the main person being Danzo asks Kabuto’s mother, or Nonou for help. He mentions that she was one of the most Elite Intelligence Agent which may still keep track of what’s happening around her.

The third person speaks to tell them that the Village Hidden in the Rock is working on a large-scale plan. They want Nonou to infiltrate the Hidden Rock to make sure that they aren’t doing anything suspicious. Nonou refuses as she’s no longer working for them, plus she’s the mother of the children. Danzo then speaks to tell her that there is currently no one else more capable of her for the mission.

Orochimaru and the other person say that it would be easy for a thief to get into the building, or for the children to be easily kidnapped. Nonou understands this and accepts the mission as Kabuto watches from a small gap. Danzo notices him, and asks for a child to be put into their hands so they could train him for the sake that one of the men died while retrieving this information.

Kabuto accepts what they had mentioned. Nonou asks why he had done this, he replies that he’s going to be a good ninja, he’ll also be able to Master Medical Ninjutsu. One of Kabuto’s friends scream at him for the three years they spent together as friends. Kabuto doesn’t reply and tells them that they have overrun their bed time.

Over time, Kabuto has been to many places, as a spy gathering information for the sake of the Hidden Leaf. One day he lands himself in the Hidden Rock, where he looks at he’s clock, he realizes that at that current time, he would have been sleeping if he hadn’t taken up the chance of being a Ninja. He tells himself that he wants to go and see he’s friends one more time.

Out of nowhere, he notices a kunai being thrown at him from above. He quickly attacks the person and they both fall on the ground. He notices that the person who had attacked was his mother! Nonou. He asks why she there, and thinks that she’s been on this mission for such a long time.

Nonou quickly asks who it is, Kabuto replies that its him. He gives her his glasses so she could see better, then replies with It’s Kabuto. But when she see’s who it is, she doesn’t recognize him even as she wears his glasses. At this point, Kabuto is damn shocked as she wasn’t able to work out who he was. Some Ninja’s fall by and refer to Nonou as Nanigashi, probably her latest identity.

Kabuto appears nearby a lake where he looks at it. He thinks of why Nonou wasn’t able to recognize him. She  had given him a name, a place as one of her children and even the glasses, and yet she doesn’t recognize him. Kabuto takes off he’s glasses to see he’s real face since that was who Nonou saw. As he’s eye sight is pretty bad, he couldn’t see himself.

Out of nowhere Orochimaru appears and scares Kabuto to death. Orochimaru tells Kabuto that he’s become a good shinobi from the time when he was little, and that he still remembers him perfectly. Naruto 583 ends here.

That was a pretty impressive chapter, it reveals how both Orochimaru and Kabuto had met from their childhood and once again near the pond. This is probably the place where Kabuto is going to get recruited by the rouge Orochimaru. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 584, where Kabuto’s past will unveil more mysteries.

Izanami Activated! – Itachi’s Past Revealed – Naruto 581

Kabuto starts to tempt Sasuke into changing sides to help Kabuto to defeat Itachi as he’s now becoming a nuisance for Kabuto himself. Sasuke wants to know the truth about Itachi’s past and why he did what he did. Itachi promises that he will tell him everything after they both defeat Kabuto. Itachi reveals that to defeat Kabuto, they would need to use Izanami which will stop Kabuto’s Edo Tensei.

We start the episode with both the brothers getting along pretty well even thought it seems Sasuke hates Itachi so much. Kabuto says that something may have happened during the defeat of Itachi, but he doesn’t seem to know what Sasuke might have with Itachi. Sasuke says that he wants to know the truth about Itachi’s past. In just a few moments, Kabuto seems to have analysed the way he said “The Truth”, Kabuto had said that he may already know the truth about him but wants him to say it.

Sasuke’s intention of entering the Akatsuki was to destroy the Hidden Leaf because they made Itachi suffer. Sasuke had followed him there, not to have another fight, but to find out the details about the whole story. Itachi had gone so far as to kill his own comrades to protect the leaf, Kabuto questions Sasuke on his will of destroying the Leaf would go against Itachi’s will.

Kabuto asks Sasuke, since they have a similar goal, if Sasuke wants to stab Itachi in the back and come join Kabuto to destroy the Leaf. He then mocks Sasuke and tells him that he shouldn’t feed guilty because he’s not technically betraying Itachi since he’s only a wooden doll.

Sasuke remembers the past where he’s in a bar where some Leaf Ninja’s are talking about Itachi. They mention that he’s a traitor and it’s a good thing that he died. They also mention that he’s one of the most atrocious villains in the village’s history. At this point, Sasuke opens his Sharingan and get’s really pissed off. Beside him is Tobi, who’s trying to calm him down, he mentions that they don’t know the truth about Itachi and he’s duties, he had done this to save the Leaf Villages themselves.

Kabuto explains that he and Itachi are the same since they both had no purpose in the end. Kabuto, as a child had been grown to be a spy, he traveled to many countries to spy with different names and identities. In the end, he had forgotten his own identity he was no trusted by the village and thus removed from any missions. Kabuto explains that he understands perfectly how Sasuke works, and that he can be he’s older brother.

Itachi interrupts to tell Sasuke that he’s a better liar then himself, thus he should stop listening to him. Itachi explains that the Village has a dark side, but he is still Hidden Leaf’s Itachi Uchiha. Itachi explains that he want wants to tell him one more thing, and he will tell him his after they have settled their battle with Kabuto here.

Kabuto boasts that he is the performer of the Edo Tensei (Impure World Resurrection/Reanimation) and that he’s recovery speed is very quick that any damage to him would render useless. Itachi explains to Sasuke that he doesn’t understand the real strength of the Uchiha. Itachi explains that Uchiha Eyes have the ability to effect a perfect regardless of their 5 Senses. Sasuke replies to Izanagi, Itachi asks how he knows about Izanagi, Sasuke replies with the fight with Danzou. Itachi is impressed that he survived it.

Itachi explains that it’s similar to Izanagi but is very different. The Ultimate Eye Jutsu That Holds Kabuto’s Destiny. As Kabuto comes for an attack and pushes Itachi back while Itachi shouts Izanami, he then explains that, Izanagi is a jutsu that changes destiny, while Izanami can decide destiny. Itachi explains that Sasuke should stay close to him since the Kin Jutsu has been released. The chapter ends here.

What an amazing fight this is turning out to be! Itachi and Sasuke are finally fighting together, as one for that matter. Sasuke keeps waiting for Itachi’s story while Itachi prolongs it until the end of the Edo Tensei. I can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 582, where the fight will carry on, hopefully we’ll get to see Kabuto’s getting beaten up by Itachi and Sasuke.