Susanoo Perfect Form – 5 Kage’s Fight On – Naruto 588

Naruto 588 shows us the end of the battle between Itachi vs Kabuto. Itachi finally get’s Kabuto in his Sharingan after releasing Izanami. The 5 Kage’s keep on battling against the notorious Madara Uchiha. Madara has cloned himself 25 times to show each Kage how 1 vs 5 feels like. The 5 Kage’s have no plan on how they should defeat the clones and get too Madara because they are getting heavily bombarded by the clones. Madara Uchiha releases his Susanoo Perform Form!

We start Naruto 588 with Itachi and Sasuke chatting while Kabuto is under the Izanami technique. Itachi takes off Kabuto’s glasses, he tells Itachi that by doing that, he will end the Edo Tensei as well as all the souls under it. Sasuke tells Itachi that he’ll also disappear. Itachi tells him, as a member of the Konohagakure, he will be able to protect his homeland. Plus, he has no more attachments to this world.

Sasuke once more shouts to Itachi to tell him why he’s doing that even after all they have done to him. Sasuke tells Itachi, even if he forgives them, Sasuke won’t do such a thing. Sasuke carries to telling Itachi that he’s got attachments on this world, which is Sasuke, because of the way he made him. Itachi thinks of Naruto, he tells Sasuke that he’s no longer the person who can change him.

This is why he needs to stop the Edo Tensei, it’s because it’s the least he can do to keep everything from going bad, he left in Naruto’s hand for this sake. Itachi lifts Kabuto’s eyelids, he then asks Kabuto to teach him the seal capable of stopping the Edo Tensei. Everything vibrates, it may seem as though it worked, but personally I think Kabuto had placed some kind of seal.

At the ground where the 5 Kage’s fight. They are all getting beaten up by the clones which Madara Uchiha had created. Gaara tries to help the Mei as she’s getting beaten up, but as he tries to keep his guard up, the clones smash him from the top. He’s unable to defend. Mei Terumi tells Gaara they’re too stong. Gaara replies, at this rate they may die. Tsunade is going on an all out bashing match with the clones, Raikage tells her that she’s using up too much Chakra the way she’s going and that she should calm down.

Tsunade falls for using too much chakra, Raikage gets distracted by this and is captured by one of the clones and it’s Susanoo. The clone enables it’s Mangekyou Sharingan and Raikage’s captured by it. As the clones go for the attack, Onoki appears and uses a defensive jutsu to capture Raikage in the rock hand. Onoki releases the Mangekyou Sharingan. The Real Madara, watching from far away, notices that Onoki is more powerful than first thought because he used a defensive weighted stone and even saved Raikage.

Onoki get’s the Kage’s spirit up by telling them that this is a matter of life and death, and that it’s very important. They should be able to deal with this because they are the people who their village chose as their Kage’s. They also need to make sure that their final words don’t ruin their reputation. Gaara tells them that Naruto had left this battle against Madara against them. Mei tells them that they took this battle away from Naruto, and that they have to win no matter what! They entrusted the titles of the 5 Kage to them, they can’t let the village’s down!

They finally make a plan, Onoki points his arms at the Susanoo clones. He and Tsunade are joining up chakra to allow them to create a massive Jinton Genkai Hakuri No Jutsu! He creates this an Madara tries to escape this, but he’s not able to absorb all the Jinton. A large dragon like beast comes up and captures Madara with sand and lava like substances. Sand with water makes it harder, with lava and heat with electric water bullets. Onoki tells Madara that, this is the full power of the 5 Kage’s!

Madara agree’s but he doesn’t intend to go down so easily. Madara then goes on ahead to show them the real full strength of Uchiha Madara. 5 Kage’s of not, they will soon realize just how futile everything will be. Madara Uchiha releases his Susanoo Perfect Form!! Which is larger than anything you’ve seen before! The ultimate evil descends!! Naruto 588 ends here!!!

That was one EPIC chapter!! I’m damn hyped about the Susanoo Perfect Form that it’s literally impossible to tell you how awesome this is with just words! Next week’s Naruto 589 is going to be one of the best chapters! Hopefully the Kage’s will realize how powerful Madara Uchiha is and possibly will get a beating! As they have no chance of winning, the only possible chance they have is Itachi ending the Edo Tensei in time. Hopefully they do it in time before any of the Kage’s die!

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  1. Zla

    Most say that Madara is pulling techniques out of his ass. But if we look carefully it wont suprise much coz every MS has a final Susanoo. People should have expected this to happen at some point.

    I hope for one Kage at least to die. If not, the whole Madara god like shinobi wont have the dramatic finish when Itachi stopps Edo Tensei. I am also speculating that maybe Sasuke will stop him somehow. In any case, Madara should stay a bit longer! XD


    1. Sunite

      Haha, pulling the Perfect Susanoo out of his ass because of the whole lool xD didn’t realize that. Do you think this would be the Final Susanoo Form or the Perfect Susanoo Form? For example, every MS holder has a slight different Susanoo, so wouldn’t they all have a different Final/Perfect Susanoo Form?

      Hmm, If i was to say the best Kage to die here, it would be Onoki, he had told himself that facing Madara as well as dying there would be the best thing, plus he’s the only one telling other Kage’s to watch their final words because it may be their last moments.

      One more thing, Itachi had told Kabuto him to show the hand signs to end the Edo Tensei after he had him under Itachi’s Sharingan, personally I don’t think that Itachi succeeded because I think Kabuto planned for this and somehow placed some kind of trap when someone tries to manipulate him with the Sharingan/Rinnegan for example Tobi or Itachi…


      1. Zla

        I suppose perfect means final. I noticed it has the same arms like Sasukes with EMS. In fact all final forms look different. Tho the Assasins Creed hoodie is epic. XD

        I wish Tsunade would already die making Naruto the way to take the title of Hokage. How it stands, they put all their chakra in the last combo so i suppose someone will be done for it next chap.

        As of Itachi, i think he will not do it himself but force Kabuto via genjutsu to do it. I suppose an Edo Tensei zombie cant stop the technique on his own.


        1. Sunite

          hah, yeah the Assassins Creed hoodie looks pretty epic 😛

          Hmm, im not sure if all the kages gave Onoki their chakra for the last combo, because Onoki says, “more, more princess” so i think it was only Tsunade…, so they may still have a chance…

          Yeah Itachi will force him, but i think the next chapter will be dominated with the Kages fight, and not itachi and sasuke’s thing…


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