Sternritters Attack Soul Society – War Begins – Bleach 494

Bleach 494 continues from last week’s chapter. The Sternritters make their way into Soul Society with the Pillars of Blue Fire. The Sternritters absolutely obliterate their way into attacking everyone they can find. Their first target is Kira Izuru whose right arm is blown off in a matter of milliseconds! It seems that he may not live! The Shinigami’s go to the battlefield, Akon finds out that over 1000 Shinigami’s are dead in a matter of 7 minutes! There’s no way they can win!

Bleach 494 is the start of the war between Shinigami’s and Quincies! There are large structures which have been created by the Quincies which look like pillars. Everyone goes outside to find out that the war has already began as the Quincies have already started their attack on Shinigami’s. Renji sees the Pillars and wonders what they are.

Everyone wonders that they are the Pillars of Light, but someone else corrects them by telling them that they are the Pillars of Blue Fire! Each one of them are made of extremely dense Reishi. Rukia starts her way to go to the nearest pillar to find the enemy.

Captain Yamamoto notices all the commotion because of the arrival of the Sternritters, Genshiyou Okikiba, who is the 3rd Seat of the First Division had tells Yamamoto that he wants to go and fight. Yamamoto tells him to stay there to protect this place. It’s as though there is something there needed to be protected.

Kira and a few other members of the Third Division are at one of the Blue Pillars trying to work out what’s inside it. Kira asks one of the Reishi’s Investigation Team to quickly investigate it, they reply with the Reishi itself is too dense thus the device is going crazy because of this.

Rikuu Togakushi, 3rd Seat of the Third Division, Taketsuna Gori, 5th Seat of the Third Division and Asuka Katakura, 6th Seat of the Third Division are all waiting with Kira for something to show up from the Pillar of the Blue Fire. The detector detects something inside the Blue Fire with a precision ratio of 90%. Kira see’s it and quickly draws his sword and runs for it.

A quick burst of Blue Fire spits out towards them, it misses all of them and goes towards a direction which no one knows. They look back and see that it hit Kira! The Blue Fire literally blew up Kira’s right part of his chest and most of his arm! His right arm with his sword is on the ground! Kira falls and hits the ground! He could be dead!

Rikuu, Taketsuna and Asuka all open their Shikai’s but are too late! They are unable to switch quick enough to their Shikai’s! In no matter of time, the man inside the Pillar of Blue Fire comes out and smashes both Taketsuna and Asuka’s head on the ground with such speed that it could have broken their heads! Then Rikuu is killed after the person looks at him.

At all the Pillars of Blue Fire, a number of Sternritters come out because they have been ordered to kill anyone that walks in their paths, which are all the Shinigami’s! Currently a total of 6 have showed up. A 7th shows up to tell everyone that they should shiver in fear because they have no hope of defeating them! Currently all the Shinigami’s are going out to the Pillars of Blue Fire to fight them!

At the Research HQ, Akon has noticed that there are 16 places which have the Enemy Reiatsu, they have also noticed that there are other places where Shinigami Reiatsu is disappearing meaning that there are other enemies there. It also seems as though that the Reiatsu Investigating Team may have died before reporting in. Akon also notices that the reiatsu of the 3rd Division Vice Captain Kira has vanished with 3 more seats from the same team. He calculates that there have been over 1000 deaths of Shinigami’s in only 7 minutes after the invasion! It’s a large number meaning that they may be unable to win! We return to Ichigo in Hueco Mundo where he swings his sword! Bleach 494 ends here!

The Invasion has finally begun! The fight between them is going to be epic because these Sternritters are going to wipe a lot of Shinigami’s, looking at the numbers Akon just mentioned. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 495 where the battle between Ichigo vs Kirge is going to continue, the battle between them in their full forms is going to be amazing!

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  1. Zla

    Kubo is really going hardcore. Since the anime is gone, he can be more brutal now. Tbh somehow i feel that things are going too fast. I know that the chapters are short but for this to go 8 years, Kubo must really think of something bombastic that will prolong things. I mean 7 mins of invasion and already 1000 shinigamis dead. Insane!

    Doubt the captains stand a chance against the Sternnenritter. The name closing chapters says much too. Closing on Gotei 13 maybe? Royal Gurads will lead the ressistance after SS is captured? A lot of questions, cant wait for next week.

    PS RIP Kira, never liked you. lmao


    1. Sunite

      I’ve also felt that the chapters themselves are going at a very quick pace, it seems as though Tite has planned it all out and he’s pacing it as though the anime episodes will be around 1.5/2 chapters, instead of the usual 3/4 chapters during other episodes. I feel as though Kubo has missed a lot of things from the chapters, like smaller less important things. Plus now there are more chapter pages with less chatter/explanations and more fights which is what Bleach is all about 😛

      Since the chapters aren’t linear, Kubo has to write them as though he will get back to them, so it’s kinda of hard to write them like that. As Akon explained the 1000 dead in 7 minute is just a massacre!

      The Stern Ritters are mad powerful, even Kira couldn’t stand a chance, his whole right side just disappeared, I think Orihime will play a part in regenerating his limbs. Personally I think the Royal Guards will have to show their face because this is too big of a battle for the Captains and Shinigami’s to fight.


      1. Zla

        Will there even be a next arc in anime? Thought its cancelled for the Rock Lee thingy…

        …as for Orihime, good point provided she manages to somehow get there. Opie wont let them go that easly.


        1. Sunite

          Personally I feel that it will come back because Tite won’t stop Bleach Anime just like that, even Ichigo said something about seeing Rukia later on, so it’s not yet over. Plus Tite himself is creating the Reboot which is this Final Chapter to explain it all. Rock Lee show is presumably temporary (i think)…

          Yeah, she’s got a good chance because all Kirge Opie wants is to kill Ichigo, not Orihime. If she doesn’t make it in time, I’m sure Mayuri could sort something out for Kira. Remember when Uryu vs Mayuri, i think Mayuri was also obliterated just like this…


            1. Sunite

              Ohh yeah, I remember now.. But wasn’t Uryu also given something which helped him survive some other kind of attack or something. This was some time ago so don’t remember it correctly…


  2. GetsugaTensho

    So Kira is really dead? o.O
    If i rember right he is the first good person in Bleach that died (no good persons died so far)
    Please correct me if im wrong!


    1. Sunite

      Hmm, i think Kira may have not died yet, even if the injury just blew away his right side off, the medic team will try to somehow prevent more blood loss and keep in him a vegetated state until Orihime arrives to regenerate his right arm.
      Well yeah, he’s currently the first vice captain to receive such a massive injury. Specially in the first 7 minutes of the fight, which 1000 other shinigami’s have died!
      Yup your correct 😀


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