Sarada’s Adventure! Naruto and Boruto – Boruto 17 & 18

Boruto 17 focuses on Sarada’s adventure as she’s agreed to deliver a teddy bear to a little girl in the village, she faces trouble when there’s a mix up and while Boruto and others are trying to go fishing they encounter her. Boruto 18 see’s Boruto and Naruto’s relationship grow as it seems like Boruto doesn’t like Naruto leaving him and Himawari, all while we see the past of Naruto’s Hokage inauguration and when Himawari enabled her Byakugan.

So, with Boruto 17, we saw a somewhat filler episode of Sarada and the relationship she has with Sakura and how she seems to be the backbone of her family, which shows how independent she is. On top of which, Sakura’s first date with Sasuke trip with Ino seems like it was a nice touch the episode, felt like Sasuke truly hasn’t been there for a while.

Boruto 18 was a lot better if you ask me, it followed some manga work, especially when Himawari activated her Byakugan and how Naruto’s Hokage Inauguration went. Although Naruto didn’t make it to his own Hokage inauguration, it definitely seemed like it was building up to the ‘more’ canon work that is coming to Boruto series, especially as the Kage meeting comes closer and closer.

The nice thing about this episode was that Boruto is open to a relationship with Naruto, he’s not closed him off completely which is nice as Naruto may not fully understand what Boruto is going through, but he’s definitely trying, which is what counts if you ask me. On top of which, it was nice to see that Hinata went through 46 ramens, definitely a challenge worthy for Hinata.

Anyways, what did you think? Go ahead and comment down below telling us what you thought about these two episodes and be sure to also mention what you think’ll happen in next week’s Boruto 19, titled “Sarada Uchiha”, seems like we’ve started a new arc.

What do you think?

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