Fire That Changed Everything – Portgas D. Ace

Ace, brother of Luffy and Sabo, was known as an individual who changed everything during the battle at Impel Down. Being the legitimate son of Gol. D. Rogers, Ace was capable of completely change the landscape of how the world was viewed as a big player, Whitebeard, was taken down while another was born, Luffy, who came to be someone who could potentially be the King of the Pirates.

This really nice artwork of Ace was done by Momokohyhy, who recently began drawing, she has another cool image of Sanji, if you like this, go check that out too. Otherwise be sure to share this image of Ace with other fans of the series.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    You know, as sad as Ace’s death was, I kinda wished we saw more of him. What I mean is, before his death, we didn’t see a lot of him. He was introduced in Alabasta and than just left for a little bit. Than he fights Blackbeard and is sentenced to death and Oda expects me to care. I personally wished Ace joined the Strawhat crew during Alabasta and until he had to leave to go find Blackbeard. At least than he would have been flashed out more and interacted with Luffy more as a character, instead of him barely shown at all until he is about to die. And I wished his flashback was shown before he died instead of after. That way his death would have had more of an impact. I do like that he died protecting Luffy though, that was a tear jerker.

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    1. Sunite

      I kind of agree, we saw Ace a couple of times here and there, and even got his backstory with his time with young Luffy and Sabo. It was really good. I think Oda mentioned a long time ago when he was still writing the arc, he mentioned to his editor that he wanted to kill off Ace regardless of what happens, he even got lots and lots of letters from fans telling him not to kill Ace off. Indeed, the relationship between Ace and others was very well built, I think he did a great job of helping Luffy realise how important his friends and family really are…


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