Natsu Disappears?! Crack Appears – Fairy Tail 538

Fairy Tail 538 begins to see that Natsu’s END book may have disappeared but it may necessarily mean that he’ll go, but after talking about what they’d do next, Natsu is asked a question when Natsu suddenly disappears. All whilst Jellal and others also okay when Wendy notices a crack in the sky which could mean only one thing, Acnologia!

Fairy Tail 538 begins with Lucy writing Natsu’s END book, the text begins to retract back into the book as the book is then shut close. Lucy tries to rewrite most of Natsu as they can to help him. Lucy collapses but Gray helps her out by trying to reduce the demon power within her, she wakes up.

The END book begins to disappear out of nowhere, it seems that Zeref has also been defeated. Out of nowhere, they hear Natsu’s footsteps, they’re really happy that he’s back. They mention that Mavis passed away too, they should return to the guild so they can see everyone again.

Elsewhere, Jellal survives, it seems that he still has a reason to stay alive, especially for the sake of Ichiya and Anna. His life is previous to Erza too. Natsu and others talk about what they’re going to do next, Gray to apologise to Juvia, Lucy to look for Aquarius key.

While Natsu and Happy have an announcement, as they’re about to say it, they look back and notice that Natsu has disappeared. Happy and Lucy start crying while Gray can’t believe it. Elsewhere, Wendy notices that there is a crack in the sky, something is definitely approaching. Fairy Tail 538 ends here.

Seems like a short chapter but we can already guess that whats approaching is none other then Acnologia, and Natsu hasn’t disappeared as he’s sensed Acnologia’s presence before anyone else and has quickly ran from where. Next week’s Fairy Tail 539, titled “World Collapse” is called that for a reason, the world will hopefully turn to dust in next week chapter.

Ps. that crack looks suspiciously like the one from Bleach, maybe a few Hollows will show up, that’d be so cool!

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  1. LPEast

    Eight more chapters, but its hard to handle, I can’t stand anymore bullshit fights.

    I swear Fairy Tail is like a Car Crash
    – You think its looks cool from a distance, like you would see in an action film.
    – But in reality it brings terror and trauma, or FT case disappointment.
    – But like a Car Crash, you can’t get your eyes off it.


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