Boruto’s Eyes! Fat Hero – Boruto 9

Boruto 9 see’s Boruto fighting Hanabi as he wants to prove that he’d got the Byakugan, he fights once then realises that he needs to try harder, then does so and challenges Hanabi but she ultimately wins. All while Boruto realises that he might have the Byakugan. Furthermore, Naruto and Hiashi have a drink about Boruto and his state. Boruto notices his hero, Kagemasa has become fat and his next movie has been cancelled, he’s been taken over thus Sarada and Boruto must save him.

Boruto 9 begins with Boruto facing off against  Hanabi, he looses the first hit then it seems like he’s not been fully training at home. Boruto moves ahead using clones to try and trick Hanabi but she quickly win,s then Boruto has to get serious as he uses all four clones but Hanabi uses her Byakugan abilities to defend against all clones, Hanabi wins.

Later they’re having some drinks and food, seems like Boruto prefers Hinata’s food in comparison. Later on, Naruto and Hiashi are having a drink, to which they discuss Boruto’s Byakugan and how it didn’t happen. Seems like Boruto might have something but it may no necessarily be the Byakugan, although something else. Naruto will have to keep an eye out.

Himawari seems to have shown her Byakugan so its likely that she will manifest it. Naruto has to get back to work, to hold up his ninja way. Boruto thinks about what he was told before, Hanabi comes by as they talk, seems like Boruto seems to be hiding something from Naruto. Seems like something big must have happened for him to talk about Byakugan. Boruto stares at the moon with no effort.

Boruto goes to get some food when he notices Sarada there too, they see the Kagamasa poster, to which it seems like it’s getting cancelled. Boruto notices something odd when a man walks with the evil aura, Boruto notices and chases, Sarada follows. This person turns out to be none other then Kagemasa, he’s not fat because of the cancelled film.

Boruto jokes but the Kagesama fights him, Boruto gets trapped when Sarada shows up. They run away for now, seems like Boruto notices the aura on him, Sarada doesn’t fully understand it, she thinks Boruto is an idiot, not a liar. They win against Kagesama, and the aura disappears. Next day, Boruto goes to school, he wants to prove with his actions. Boruto 9 ends here.

A pretty good episode, we get to see more of Hiashi and Hanabi and what they’re up to at the moment. Seems like we’ll get more of these types of the episode for a while until we can fully tell whats going on with Boruto’s eyes in next week’s Boruto 10, titled “The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!”

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