Natsu and Zeref Clash! Strongest Power – Fairy Tail 535

Fairy Tail 535 see’s Natsu vs Zeref for the longest time now, as well as Acnologia trying to kick Blue Pegasus and others ass. All while Jellal tries to push him into the Ravines of Time but does not work as Acnologia stops him. All while Lucy, Gray and Happy vouch to protect Natsu using END.

Fairy Tail 535 begins as Lucy is affected by the darkness within END book. She feels weak and hot as Gray tries to help her but steam and flames seems to come from her. She thinks that she can save Natsu using her own abilities. Gray quickly cools the environment for Lucy as she’s getting too hot. He mentions that they’ll save Natsu, together.

Zeref mentions that he’s shocked that Natsu is alive, and that the person helping Natsu using END will eventually be consumed by darkness. Natsu thanks Lucy, Gray and Happy as he understands what Makarov’s voice. He wasted time with everything else but now this is all for Fairy Tail. Their feelings will become their final power, their strongest power.

While Acnologia and Jellal fight as he tries to push him onto the Ravines of Time, but Acnologia just takes all of that power and absorbs it, he’s known as the dragon of magic: Acnologia. Jellal tries to push him onto the ravines but it doesn’t work as he’s too far away from it. The ship of Blue Pegasus crashes down onto water while Jellal is caught by Acnologia.

All while Natsu vs Zeref continues on, Natsu talks about bringing the day where he brings back smiles to everyone’s faces. Natsu mentions that this is the world he’s about to create. Natsu mentions that he’s just rejecting this world. Natsu mentions that he’ll burn brightly and take everything he has to release the guild’s flames. Natsu uses his Blaze Dragon King’s Demolition Fist while Zeref uses his Stydian Blast Circle as their final attack! Fairy Tail 535 ends here.

A chapter that doesn’t seem that significant even with the hype of this fight, it just seems to predictable for me that Natsu is again alive, Zeref is OP and Acnologia cannot be defeated. So predictable, just like next week’s Fairy Tail 536, titled “The Wild Dragon’s Flames” will be.

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          1. LPEast

            Fair enough my friend, but if its structure is similar, with Fairy Tail, with the main hero have a goofy dumb looking face, and the heroine is a hot girl…just back away before you get stuck in, or your hear too many speeches of friendship.

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