Saitama Arrives! Suiryu’s Despair – One Punch Man 74.2

I felt like starting a brand new series, and OPM has quickly become one of my favourites, lets begin! One Punch Man 74.2 begins as Suiryu asks for help for anyone and everyone who are nearby but no one arrives as Bakuzan wants to kill and torture Suiryu. However, the hero arrives, Saitama arrives and is quickly ready to kick some serious ass!

Bakuzan has Suiryu pinned down on the ground, he mentions that the Monster Association seems to have other monsters which are much more stronger then him. He laughs and mentions that he’s done with getting stronger. Suiryu mentions and asks if both of them even were enemies, its pretty clear that he cannot fight anymore.

Bakuzan mentions that he can finally understand the type of person he is, he is someone who always liked picking on the weak, that’s the true reason for him searching for strength. Suiryu tries to escape but Bakuzan breaks Suiryu’s left and right legs that he cannot even walk anymore. Suiryu mentions that he needs to get away otherwise he’ll die.

Bakuzan mentions that he has always hated Suiryu, from all the beauty, talent, money, woman and even freedom. He’s going to pay he mentions. Suiryu tries to make Bakuzan understand that he can no longer stand or fight, he asks just to let him go. He mention that he wins and that he is no match for him.

Bakuzan stands on top of Suiryu as he asks for Suiryu to lick his feet, to which he touches his finger and breaks it. Suiryu cries for help, he shouts that monsters have come to kill them, and that they need someone there to save them. He begs and begs as we see other heroes fight the monsters. Suiryu begs and begs as he tries to call for anyone to come and help him.

Bakuzan reminds him that the whole city is fighting, he’s all alone and no one will come to help him. Suiryu feels his loneliest at the moment as he cries as he reminds himself that no one will come to save him. He even asks the others around him to help but they are out. He finally understands what it means to be in darkness, and that he hopes to get any sort of light.

Out of nowhere, Bakuzan tries to stamp on Sneck as Bakuzan has the biggest grin on his face. Suiryu stares as he cries. Bakuzan lifts his feet and notices that Sneck’s body is not there. Out of nowhere, someone appears as they mentions that they found it weird that everyone stopped chasing him, he heard the noises and then decided to changes into his costume.

It’s SAITAMA! Suiryu notices as Bakuzan doesn’t know of him, he asks who he is. Saitama saved Sneck as he mentions that he is a hero! Saitama mentions to Suiryu that he heard his cry for help, he came for him. He passes him and mentions that he did well in resisting alone until now. Saitama approaches Bakuzan as he mentions that he should leave the rest to him! One Punch Man 74.2 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, probably one of my favourites to see Saitama at it again, he’ll definitely save Suiryu and definitely break Bakuzan in half, I honestly can’t wait for the next One Punch Man chapter!

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