Saving Shino! Mitsuki’s Abilities – Boruto 6

Boruto 6 see’s Shino going crazy as he’s taken over by the demon, he tries to kill Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki as they try to escape his bugs. All the while Mitsuki uses some of his windstyle and eletrical abilities to defeat Shino an save him from the demon takeover. It seems like he can also stretch and pull things with his arms.

Boruto 6 begins with Shino telling Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki that he shall kill them. Boruto notices that Shino has the demon aura around him which looks just like before. Shino goes ahead to use his abilities to show his potential. Shikadai tries to use his techniques but fails. Boruto gets caught by the bugs, but Mitsuki uses his Wind Style to blow away the bugs, then runs away.

Seems like they’ve run away and discuss what they should do. It seems like Shikadai knows that Mitsuki has things that he still can show off. Elsewhere, Iruka tries to see if Shino is okay, but doesn’t know where he is after what he said before. Boruto and others try to run, they find some bugs but it isn’t Shino’s bugs.

As they’re talking, Shino shows up but he only finds Shikadai and Boruto, they try to use paper explosive but that doesn’t work as he chases them own. Shikadai even notices that water could be something he could use against Shino. Elsewhere, they try to run away when they encounter Mitsuki.

They come up with a plan to use Mitsuki as a decoy to see and burn Shino’s chakra, but Boruto quickly mentions that he can do that using clones. Shikadai wanted to use this opportunity to see Mitsuki’s other abilities. Before this, Mitsuki even mentioned as Shino is trying to kill them, they should turn it up side down and do the same, but Boruto says no to this.

They are found next to the water fall, Boruto uses his clones to try to get them. Then tries to use Shikadai’s shadow, but Shino see’s through this. He lands on the water which means that Mitsuki can use his techniques to trap Shino and use his Electrical abilities to fight.

Mitsuki begins to drown underwater after pushing Shino out, but then Shino regains his memories and tries to save Boruto and Mitsuki, which he does using his summoning. Later on, at the school, he is treated them the students mentioning that he’s  goo teacher, and that they’re sorry for not paying attention to him. Later, Shino delivers report to Naruto, to which they notice something is happening in the village. Boruto 6 ends here.

A good chapter if you ask me, seems like Boruto and other characters are developing quite well. On top of which, it seems like they’re developing characters and this demon thing at the same time. Next week’s Boruto 7, titled “Love and Potato Chips” see’s an episode about Chocho.

What do you think?

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