Fairy Tail Manga to End with 63 Volumes

Hiro Mashima has revealed in the end notes section of the 61st volume of Fairy Tail that the manga will be ending with two more volumes, thereforethe 63rd volume shall be the last for Fairy Tail.

Mashima is also revealing that he plans to start a new piece of work as soon as he can. He is excited about starting this alongside a whole new world and story to accompany it. It seems that he wants to create a whole new manga series full of new ideas of characters.

Just so you know, the 61st volume of Fairy Tail seems to have a date associated with its release on the 17th of May. So if you want to get it, that’s the date.

On top of this, we as fans of the series knew that Fairy Tail was quickly coming to an end when Zeref began his invasion alongside the Alvarez Kingdom, and now as his close, we’ll be getting a lot more climax chapters for the series.

What are your thoughts on the end of Fairy Tail? Like any other fantastic series, fans are always dedicated and sad to let it go, just like me. I would hate to see it end in a bad way, but am glad that Hiro seems to be getting the end he wants. On top of which, we’re getting a lot of good chapters out of this.

Nevertheless, be sure to comment down below telling me what you think about this!

Source: ANN

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    Hard to say there has been a conflicted view of FT for me. I like it but it could have been done better and I wouldn’t done things that were easily predictable and using the same cheesy clichés like all the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP speeches too many times

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  2. naomiblog

    I stopped reading Fairy Tail when they got back from that island they were on. I just lost interest and moved on to other manga. Funnily enough, I still find myself checking up on Fairy Tail every now and then just to see what’s going on.

    I’ll just say I’m glad I dropped it as it seems the manga is bad now. For some reason I feel that I should read the ending when it comes out. Not sure why though.


    1. Sunite

      I totally agree, I like the series but I wouldn’t say I love it. I really would have wished to drop it some time ago but since it’s ending soon I’ll hold on a little longer.

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  3. railgunfan75

    This is certainly bitter sweet for me. I am sad to see this series end since it was my first manga and one of my first anime series. It has been a great ride for me and I am bummed to see it end. However, I have been excited to see the payoff of years of story and it has been fun seeing everything come together. Since it seems like the series is ending on Mashima’s terms instead of being forced to end, I have confidence that the ending will be enjoyable.

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