Meeting Fuushin! Hell Valley – Naruto Shippuden 486

Naruto Shippuden 486 see’s Sasuke talking to En Oyashiro and learning about the Chinoike clan and is lead towards Hell Valley within the Land of Steam. Upon going there, he learns about the person targeting him as well as the real Fuushin which appears, he was right under his nose all this time.

Naruto Shippuden 486 begins as people start to begin the process of exploding, but Sasuke stops all of them, even helps Chino when she’s about to get hurt. Orochimaru as well as others also protect themselves from the explosions they’re about to cause. Someone tries to attack Sasuke, but the man runs away.

Chino is safe and sounds, although she needs to get her hand looked at. Orochimaru arrives, Kabuto has to go because of cannot make contact with Orochimaru. It seems like Oyashiro wants to make contact with Sasuke, he thus goes ahead to meet him. At first, he doesn’t think it’s Oyashiro but afterwards he can understand why he could be.

Oyashiro notices Sasuke’s Sharingan, thus also learns that the Leaf might be getting attacked because of Sasuke. Sasuke further learns about the fact that there could be someone in the winds trying to play all this because of him. Fuushin was a good kid but Oyashiro somehow scared him away.

Someone with Fuushin had red eyes, from the Chinoike Clan, to which Oyashiro goes to tell a story about how they were forced out to Hell Valley within the Land of Steam. The only others capable of fighting against the Chinoike Clan were the Uchiha. Sasuke asks if Itachi knew, but it’s not certain. Sasuke thus goes towards the Land of Steam to find Fuushin.

There he encounters a man trying to kill him, he every time he tries, Sasuke is capable of seeing his attacks attack back. Nowaki and Chino have to run away after a couple of humans are turned into weapons, but Sasuke uses his Sharingan. He chases this man but realises that he doesn’t use the same weapons as before.

This man uses mud and rubber techniques, but Sasuke just uses his Amaterasu to scare him. Then uses his Sharingan to read his mind. He learns that Nowaki is the man attacking him, and thus this man is none other than Fuushin. He cuts his hands and deflates his body, he reveals his true body as a skinny person. Naruto Shippuden 486 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, although seems like there was a little too much talking for my liking, but I guess it built up the overall story. Still can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 487, titled “Sasuke’s Story: Sunrise, Part 4: The Ketsuryugan” when we learn about the past of Fuushin and what really happened.

What do you think?

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