Larcade’s Defeat! Natsu’s Death – Fairy Tail 512

Fairy Tail 512 gets weirder and weirder with the fact that Natsu is getting colder as he talks to multiple personalities and learns multiple things within his own consciousness. All while Sting somehow manages to defeat Larcade after all the talk her did, I guess he couldn’t walk the walk. This chapter is weird in more than one way, the other is that Hiro never stops putting ecchi stuff, and it’s pissing me off.

Fairy Tail 512 begins with Sting vs Larcade. They big talk each other and how they will both defeat each other. The hype is built so quickly that Sting quickly attacks, Larcade is pushed back, but tries to attack back at Sting. Sting then uses Rogue’s abilities combined with one another to attack him. However, Larcade initiates his ultimate power.

The Eternal Sleep of Death: RIP! Everyone in that area begins to go to sleep, Sting hurts his own wound to wake up, but it has very little of an effect. Larcade mentions that not even Acnologia can defeat this attack as it was designed just for him. Rogue tells Sting to use his Shadow, it shall sharpen his abilities and bring him back from this attack from Larcade.

Sting tries to use it but doesn’t work, thus Kagura uses her abilities to push him down, it enables him to get into his own shadow. Sting uses his shadow to hunt down Larcade, which he uses to his advantage and quickly enables his attacked called the White Shadow Dragon’s Rough Silk. Sting tells Larcade that he’s the one going down.

Larcade calls for Zeref, but he cannot do anything at this point as he probably thinks of Natsu. Natsu wonders in his thoughts as he talks with Rogue. He talks with him about Natsu’s scarf and how it’s made using Igneel’s scales, but it was originally made by Anna, who looks at lot like Lucy. Zeref appears and talks a little about Anna and how kind hearted she is.

Natsu’s true nature, or rather “death” draws near. Porlyusica mentions that Natsu is getting closer, thus tells Lucy to strip so she can heat him up (this is totally stupid, why would she need to get naked when she’s already half naked, Hiro is starting to piss me off). Natsu slowly mentions that he shall defeat Zeref.

Happy is currently shaking and crying as he mentions for Natsu to let it go already, if he kills Zeref, then he shall die too. everyone hears and don’t understand whats going on. Happy asks God to save Natsu, he cannot take this anymore. Lucy asks what he means by this, to which Gray also hears this. Fairy Tail 512 ends here.

This chapter had some good and some bad, the bad could have easily been avoided if Hiro didn’t try to push such a great series into the ecchi market. Totally disapprove of this series going that way. Anyways, hope next week’s Fairy Tail 513, titled “Flower Circle”, hope its better than this weeks.

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  1. rise

    I agree. The whole fan service is getting on my nerve and can’t take anything that serious anymore in the series. A good fight always end up having ecchi stuff, friendship power, or just gets cut off screen


    1. Sunite

      Totally agree, the whole setup within the first page annoyed me a little since Sting had no grounds on actually boosting himself like the way he did. It’s such a corny line. And I literally could not believe Porlyusica said something like that, especially as she’s a medic, really disappointed with how the series is going.


  2. Eileen X.

    I didn’t really like this chapter or the last one as much as I did the others. It was just so weird how Mashima made the plot. I mean, in the last chapter, they starting eating each other, which is really weird. 🙄 The ending to this chapter was great though! I can’t wait to see how the others will react when they find out Natsu’s END.



    The whole “Strip and Cover” Natsu moment was unnecessary, Hiro goes overboard with it, I don’t mind the fan-service, but there are times when you go overboard, this scene for example, was just not needed.

    As for Larcade defeat, I’m not disappointed, as he was defeated by the combination of 3 different magics, Kagura Magic was holding him still, and Sting used White Shadow Dragon’s Rough Silk, (Roughly their strongest attack, as it has never failed, Future Rogue nearly killed Natsu before with it, and with this technique the defeated their former Guildmaster), and with Kagura Gravity magic, he couldn’t dodge, so his defeat makes sense.


  4. kenpoklown

    Maybe I’m just a perv but I really don’t mind the ecchi stuff. I will agree that it was pretty much uneccessary but than again so is most fan service. The reason I don’t mind though and why I continue to watch and read ecchi based works are because they are generally pretty funny and I like boobs….even cartoon boobs! I mean Dragonball has several fan servicey moments…(looking at you Bulma) but rarely do u see people complain about it. Fairy tale to me has always been similar to The Dragonball franchise in terms of group of overpowered friends fight a bunch of equally overpowered baddies and throw in some comic relief in the form of partial nudity and slice of life type side stories. I will say though I won’t watch or read something just for boobs though. The story has to come first and in this case I think it does I think it was really just meant as a way to relieve some of the tension from a serious moment as Natsu slowly dying. To me I took it as everything is going wrong for Natsu but don’t worry too much cuz he gets to have naked Lucy all over him which kind of lets me know he’ll most likely be fine since this is as I feel meant to embarrass Lucy later or somehow make her feelings come more to the surface. I mean it’s kind of hard to ignore liking someone when ur laying on top of them naked!


  5. kenpoklown

    Also no one complains about Erzas sexy armors which are from a defensive side totally unnecessary but it works for the character and the story. I think everyone just hates Lucy for some reason. She’s definitely not my favorite but it’s kind of unfair to bash Lucy for being fan service but than ignore the obvious Erza half naked by the end of almost every fight ever!!! And for the record I love Erza and she is my fave character from Fairy tail so I’m not bashing her just saying if we’re gonna call out characters for being too ecchi we can’t just limit it to unlikeable ones!


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