Cosplay: Saber Nero (Fate/Extra)

Saber Nero, from the Fate/Extra series. I’m not entirely familiar with the character of Saber Nero, but I do know of Saber from the Unlimited Blade Works series which aired a while ago. It was definitely one of my favourites when it aired. Nevertheless, the sheer amount of effort this cosplayer has gone to is fantastic. She has definitely done a fantastic job of showcasing the character of Saber Nero very well.

This magnificent Saber Nero cosplay from Fate/Extra was done by Calssara who has a huge collection of some fantastic looking cosplay, from Fairy Tail to One Piece and even League of Legends, for those who play. Nevertheless, if you like this work, check her out. Otherwise be sure to share this page with other fans of Saber Nero and Fate/Extra.

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