Natsu’s Heart! Sting vs Larcade – Fairy Tail 510

Fairy Tail 510 focuses on Natsu and what lies within his heart in terms of what exactly END is and how it’ll affect Natsu in the long-term, he meets Zeref and Sting in his heart. All while Sting smells something and arrives to help out Kagura and others as he is able to eat up and fight against Larcade as he can eat anything that is white.

Fairy Tail 511 begins with Porlyusica confirming that Gray and Juvia are both okay, even after all the injuries they’ve taken. Only Natsu is in trouble as the mass that Brandish previously reduced is becoming impossible as it doesn’t seem to be shrinking. The ability that Natsu showed against Dimaria is shocking, she is there and calls him a demon.

Lucy defends him by mentioning that Dimaria doesn’t know anything about him. Lucy begins to worry and side with Natsu on everything, even Evergreen mentions that Lucy is definitely head over heels for him. Natsu suddenly begins to release smoke from his body, Lucy tries to touch him by Natsu’s body is very cold.

Natsu is within his heart where he encounters Zeref. Zeref is nothing but a consciousness within Natsu’s heart, thus he cannot be touched. But Zeref begins to tell Natsu that he shall die soon, so it’s the best time to tell him about his past. Before ever traveling to the future, Natsu is shown his past where he lived in a peaceful small village, where he lived with Zeref and both of his parents.

However a dragon appeared and demolished and burned everything down. Natsu and both his parents died, thus Zeref set out to resurrect Natsu, he was able to accomplish this by resurrecting him as END. At that point, his memory wasn’t that good due to what had happened to his memories at the dragon soul ceremony.

Natsu was also friends with Gajeel, Wendy, Rogue and Sting. Out of nowhere, Sting appears and continues on the conversation mentioning that at the Dragon Soul meetings, they would meet once more, but Sting nor Natsu have memories of the meetings. Zeref seems to have been erased from Natsu’s consciousness.

Sting mentions that he needs to hurry as he needs to find the true identity of what it is that lurks inside his body. We move to the real Sting who is running, he got some help from Freed, but he went to find Laxus. Sting smells something. We see Yukino, Kagura and others down on the ground as they’re unable to do a thing. Out of nowhere, Sting shows up and kicks Larcade.

Larcade is also happy to see that a stupid brat is in front of him trying to fight him. Sting punches Larcade back but doesn’t do a lot of damage. Larcade complains about the crappy attack, to which Larcade tries to unleash his attack on but somehow Sting is capable of eating it. He mentions that nothing white can work on him, being a White Dragon Slayer, he can eat it all up. Furthermore, Sting smells Natsu on Larcade. Fairy Tail 510 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, it’s been a while since I thought that a chapter was actually good, it’s nice to see that we’re getting close to END while also seeing Sting fight here. Seem’s like the end line for Larcade has come. Nevertheless, Fairy Tail 511, titled “Hunger Hell” shall tell us how everything will progress.

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  1. rise

    When zeref said that natsu was going to die soon, I personally feel like he meant that his “human side” will die out while his true demon form or END will awaken


    1. Sunite

      I think Zeref here (Natsus conscious) was point to the fact that you might be correct, or another theory is that Zerefs death will also mean death to every demon, including Natsu.


  2. RainbowSparkles

    I don’t think that Hiro will kill Natsu permanently. At least I hope not. If you think about it, Fairy Tail really wouldn’t be the same without him. August told Jellal about love being very very powerful and so I hope that what ever happens to Natsu, there is some major NaLu in one of the next 5-10 chapters.


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