Naruto Shippuden Anime Schedule For Final Battle

Naruto Shippuden 475 recently aired pushing the battle between Naruto vs Sasuke in the final battle between the two marking the end of the series. Naruto Shippuden 476 features the start of the grand battle between the two in the episode titled “The Final Valley.” With that said, fans will have to wait 3 weeks before we get the final battle.

Naruto Shippuden 476 and 477 will air together in a double special episode focusing on Naruto vs Sasuke on the 29th of September. Both episodes shall correspond to Naruto 694 to 698 manga chapters. Naruto Shippuden 478 will air a week later on the 6th of October which shall correspond to Naruto 699 chapter, it will be called “Unison Sign” marking the end of the manga series.

The preview for the final battle can be seen below:

So with all the wait for the final Naruto vs Sasuke Final Battle wait, what are your initial thoughts on the fact that Naruto Shippuden will be ending soon. Be sure to comment down below to tell me what you think and how you feel.

Source: CR

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