The Thing About One Piece… Part 2

About a year ago, I wrote an article about One Piece. I wrote about my thoughts and all that I liked about the series, and how when I catch up to the latest episodes, I’ll probably feel like I should have watched slower. Well this post will somewhat update everyone on where I currently am in the series.

Now I know that the series is quickly climbing to over 750 episodes, and catching up to so many episodes is definitely an achievement. Personally, when I sit down and watch a series, I somewhat need a day where I can go ahead and watch the show with minimal distractions and lots of time to watch it.

I am currently on episode 619 where Joker/Doflamingo have been revealed to work together. And that Luffy along with Law and others are working to escape the gas and get away from the island. We also see Franky in his robotic form as he’s outside with none of the others with him.


Whenever I watch One Piece, I am nearly always hooked, it’s hard for me not to watch the next 20 episodes because I feel like I cannot leave an episode without knowing what the next is all about. Each episode covers probably less than two manga chapters, thus they seem very short.

When I do eventually catch up, which is less than 150 episodes now, I will most likely feel like I should have waited a little bit longer before catching up because I read somewhere that the manga itself is around 65% finished, which means its most likely going to hit around 1300 chapters if it keep going at this pace.

I still have to read the manga, and since I’ve not really looked into how that’s going, I believe that it might be quite far ahead so I have that to look forward to. On top of this, I’d also like to talk a little about how a lot of the series I talk about here on Daily Anime Art are running to an end. Bleach manga ended a couple of weeks ago, and Naruto Shippuden will end the original manga in the next couple of episodes, but will continue with a lot of the Gaiden material in novels.

Once I have caught up with the One Piece anime and manga, I will definitely be writing about them in the future here on Daily Anime Art. This will most likely be before the year ends, in a couple of weeks/months (maybe, no guarantees) from now. With that said, I am really enjoying the anime.

I can already see that Joker will be the big bad boss that will face against Luffy/Law. And with that probably happening in the future, I can already tell that his powers are freaking crazy, he’s capable of controlling people just using his hands, he doesn’t even have to move to get rid of other people, he can make them do it themselves.

He seems like someone who Luffy has never faced before, someone who is at a whole new level that Luffy will have to find some sort of new power or ability to defeat Doflamingo. With that said, I’m really looking forward to what the next few episodes have for me, and what the manga will deliver. I can’t wait!

So what do you guys think about this? Be sure to go ahead and tell me what you think in the comment section below, lets talk about One Piece, please try to hold all spoilers.

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  1. Arria Cross

    I love love love LOOOOOOOOVE ONE PIECE! The manga’s awesome & I’m always thankful that the anime makes the minimal amount of fillers necessary to after main story arcs (whispers: unlike the other big anime series, ya know which I’m talking about). I love rewatching my favourite arcs. This is one series that is getting better & better with age. The manga’s awesome. Kudos to Oda-sensei for always working so hard. Since it’s reported that the series is already 65% over, I can’t wait to learn how everything is tied together in the end. But at the same time, I know that I’ll be sad when it’s over. I pray that Oda-senseo gives us an ending with a bang, one that we fans will remember for the rest of our lives. Love it!

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    1. Sunite

      I honestly can’t wait to read the manga, it’s one of those things where I don’t want to get ahead of myself and read a major spoiler. I’ve had a look at random chapters here and there, and the manga itself is VERY detailed! Although it’s not as artistic as Kubo Tite’s, the style is mature and expressive in the amount of time he spends on detailing everything, its going to be a treat reading it all! 😀


  2. TashaNight

    When I first started out watching One Piece, I also couldn’t seem to stop. Back then, it only had 600+ episodes, and it took me about six months to catch up. Once I caught up, I honestly felt so empty, so now I’ll have to wait for the weekly anime/manga updates T_T


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