Dimaria attacks Brandish! Natsu’s Tumour – Fairy Tail 501

Fairy Tail 501 see’s Natsu’s tumour once again getting bigger after Brandish threatens him to stop. Lucy tries to attack but fails after Dimaria approaches and attacks Brandish by stopping and restarting time. Then blames everything that’s happened on Lucy and how she has manipulated her to do all of this.

Fairy Tail 501 begins as Natsu mentions that he shall have to fight Brandish if she won’t let him go. Brandish thus hurts Natsu indirectly by changing the size of his tumour. Natsu collapses as Brandish mentions that she has done this because he is a threat to them. Brandish goes on to mention that they came from two different places, they chose to be her enemy.

Brandish no longer bears no grudge against them, but thus she is tired of searching for answers, thus she will fight them here. Lucy decides to fight her, she mentions if she wins, she would heal Natsu. Brandish wasn’t referring to fighting her, but she will never have a chance of winning against her.

Lucy and Brandish fight, she opens the Scorpio gate and attacks. But Brandish makes Lucy small, but she keeps on fighting regardless, she jumps all over and gets back to her normal form, then attacks using her Aqua Metria. She launches the water at Brandish but she reduces it. Natsu tries to get up back cannot move at all. Lucy goes to mention that she will fight to protect Natsu no matter the cost.

Dimaria shows up, she mentions that Brandish could have easily gone ahead to kill all three of them just by blowing them up, or stepping on them, but it seems like Brandish seems to have lost it. Dimaria clicks her teeth, she quickly stops time and attacks Brandish! She uses a knife to cut Brandish, which causes her to lose and fall to the ground. Dimaria grounds Lucy as she mentions that she’ll give Lucy a slow and painful death! Fairy Tail 501 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, seems like Natsu is down for the count, Lucy will most likely get tortured for a while before someone comes to help them. Nevertheless, seems like Fairy Tail 502, titled “Mavis and Zera” will focus on the other two, seems like we’ll get a sad-ish chapter. Anyways, what do you guys think, go ahead and comment down below.

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    It was cool to see Brandish fight, and going to pretend to lose, showing how strong she really is, but I do hope to see her back in action in the future, as I like to see more Randi & Mari drama too.


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