Fairy Tail 499 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 499 spoilers have dropped, and it seems like it’s a darn good one at that. If you’d like to know what’ll happen regardless of spoilers, keep on reading, otherwise be sure stop right here as spoilers ahead.

Fairy Tail 499 begins with Gray and Juvia both attacking each other as they are under Invel’s Ice Lock attack. They are unable to stay conscious, cannot think properly, and are questioning everything their body is doing. Invel thinks that Gray shall win as he shall need this moment to awaken the darkness within him in order to defeat END.

Invel mentions that Zeref will be the one to defeat Acnologia and take over the world, but END is the only obstacle to stand to stop him. Gray and Juvia fight each other continuously against their will. Juvia mentions that she doesn’t want to hurt Gray and tries her best to resist.

She thus tries her hardest in order to commit suicide by hurting herself in order to free Gray from the Ice Lock. Gray is in shock, he also didn’t want to hurt Juvia either. He thus proceeds to do the same on himself. Gray mentions that he wants to protect and care for Juvia, he thinks her as more than a friend.

Invel is surprised as he didn’t think something like this would happen, it was beyond his calculations. Gray proceeds to make an ice blade and hurts himself the same way Juvia has. They both lay on the ground after being stabbed. Juvia asks why he did this. Both lay motionless as Invel stands in shock.

Juvia leaves a gift for Gray, she had previously cast a blood transfusion magic on Gray that she learned in secret just in case. She says that she’ll be living inside him. She is not sad as her life now belongs to him. Gray cries as he mentions that he’s serious about Juvia now, so asks her to wake up!

Gray cries as he thinks of all the moments he’s had with Juvia when he met her. Thanks to Juvia’s parting gift, we see Gray stand up once more against Invel, this time, Gray has been enraged by what has just happened, we’ve never seen him this angry or pissed off before. Gray looks damn serious! Fairy Tail 499 ends here.

Seems like we’ll be getting a pretty serious and sad chapter as Juvia seems to have sacrificed her life to save Gray from such a trap. Invel will definitely face a beating from Gray. Spoilers brought to you by YonkouProductions. Next week’s Fairy Tail 500 will be titled “Fire and Ice” which will be a monumental chapter to celebrate the 500th chapter which will include coloured pages and be 31 pages, can’t wait!

There are 15 comments

    1. Sunite

      Death of Juvia? Personally we’ve seen one death already, which was Gajeel, but he turned out to be alive. I’m sure she’s okay and the reason Mashima might be doing this could be that he wants Gray to admit his love for Juvia.

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          1. Dragonslay3r94

            I bloody hope so and Gray better marry her fine ass when she does come back or I will be pissed, Gajeel and Levy are canon but well shes broken and hes in hell…..CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A SINGLE SHIP WITHOUT SOUL CRUSHING TRAUMA >_>


            1. Sunite

              Levy nearly broke, but when she heard his voice I think she realised that she wants to be with him. Plus Gajeel is not in hell, actually the last we saw him was in Tenrou Island attached to the country. Maybe Erza and Jellal?


      1. Miyomi Kokonew

        Yes, but he was teleported to somewhere else. I don’t really think he “died”. But Juvia like literally stabbed herself and committed suicide. But it is possible that Porlisca (or whatever her name is) might help her.

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    While I doubt, he is actually killing her off, (Hiro has done this sort of thing, so many times), but still it does look very convincing, and I was really impress with that.

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    1. Sunite

      The way she was killed off seemed really quick. It seems like she might be dead for a while, but Gray will most likely do something and bring her back one way or another.


  2. tobi

    gajeel never really died he was transported to the underworld and Mira was saved in the nick of time but in this case I don’t see any way out, I think juvia’s really dead. they wrote blood transfusion magic but it looks like she transferred her life force or something to him. let’s see what mashima will do.

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  3. cheese burger pineapple sunday

    I don’t think she is going stay dead because Hiro Mashima said it was going be a happy ending to fairy tail, and I’m not happy I’m crying my eyes out.

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  4. maobile

    i nearly cried immediately after i finished the chapter and then immediately went to search for spoilers then after finding none i almost cried again
    p.s i really hope she comes back mashima sensei isnt only killing juvia he is also both making and killing gruvia at the same time with this, so i’m hoping somehow she comes back to life and they kiss
    also mashima sensei owes us a chapter for being gone a whole week so I WANT CHAPTER 500 NOW!!!!!!!
    who else is with me on this

    Liked by 1 person

  5. maobile

    do you think this death is anything related to juvia’s rave master character’s death, reina
    IT BETTER NOT BE MASHIMA-SENSEI!!!!! because if you are going according to rave master you are telling me jellal may die
    bring juvia back… please (T-T)

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