Naruto Side Story – The Path Shone By The Full Moon’s Light

As previously reported, the Naruto one-shot manga chapter concerning the character known as Mitsuki has hit the internet. Just a couple of days ago it was released, with around 50 pages. With such a long chapter, it’s hard to write it all, so for this special chapter, I’ll summarise it using bullet points.

So a summary of this Naruto chapter includes:

  • Mitsuki wakes up with a number of tubes plugged into machines, Orochimaru gives him a drink.
  • He has no memories of his past, once he drinks the liquid, he drops the cup.
  • Suigetsu helps out Mitsuki as he tries to help him regain his memories.
  • Orochimaru talks to a mysterious character about something going better next time.
  • Suigetsu explain that he lost his memories during a mission he was with Orochimaru.
  • Suigetsu tries to attack Mitsuki and fails, proving Mitsuki’s ninja abilities have not disappeared.
  • They meet with Orochimaru, explains that he is his parent and would like to restore his memories.
  • Orochimaru shows a mysterious character with a mask as he explains that he steals memories and uses people to do his bidding.
  • They mention that they will capture him and restore his memories along with acquiring some information he has.
  • Mitsuki asks why they’d even be together in the mission, but Orochimaru mentions that he is his family and that he is special to him.
  • They get to the site, Orochimaru asks Mitsuki to disable the barrier, just by touching it, he can dissolve and disable it.
  • They get to the cave where they meet the man known as Log. Log uses his jutsu to paralyse them.
  • Orochimaru doesn’t feel it’s effects and thus attacks Log. Orochimaru gets attacked and covered with the attack by Log.
  • Orochimaru’s last message mentions that he should use his Sage Power, right before he’s covered up.
  • Log tries to attack Mitsuki but freezes after Orochimaru reveals that a smaller snake pierced through his armour and attacked him.
  • Orochimaru can walk and talk, he mentions that he’s going to get something important, an embryo, and thus tells him not to get close to him.
  • Log begins to suffocate and thus asks Mitsuki to remove his mask, Mitsuki does revealing an older Mitsuki.
  • This reveals that Orochimaru created both of them, this is using an embryo, thus he is there to steal it back from him.
  • Log tells Mitsuki that as long as Orochimaru has the embryo, he can create as many as he wants, thus they both have to stop him.
  • Orochimaru appears telling Mitsuki he never wanted to imitate the Gods, he is simply obeying the will they bestowed upon him.
  • Mitsuki is forced, this is when he gets pissed and transforms into his Sage Mode with snakes surrounding him.
  • Mitsuki mentions that no matter who he follows, both can’t tell him what to do, he’ll decide what he wants to do for himself.
  • Mitsuki steals he key and scroll Orochimaru stole. Mitsuki opens the scroll as both Orochimaru and Log talk about he’s finally been able to use his Sage Powers.
  • It seems that it was all a play from Orochimaru. He has been erasing his memories for a while now, so that he could put him on the correct path.
  • Log mentions that without the Sun (we see Boruto), Mitsuki would not be able to illuminate in the darkness.
  • Mitsuki will be the moon that eliminates darkness in the night. This is when the true Mitsuki is born.

Seems like a wonderful beginning to the Boruto series. Next month, we’ll start the Boruto manga series which will be released every month. And I will be there to cover them.

There are 7 comments

  1. dreager1

    It was a pretty decent chapter. I’m still not really a fan of this guy as his personality is a little too similar to Sai’s for me, but I’ve liked Boruto and Sarada from the start so I definitely have high expectations for the upcoming Boruto series.


    1. Sunite

      I think Mitsuki is the next Naruto. He hasn’t really trained or done anything of sorts. He already has the powers in him, he just needs to pull them out. It’s like he’s the next Naruto or something, where he can use his inner power (Kurama). Like the Sage power, he already had it, he just needed to get pissed off to activate it. I’d love to see more of Boruto and Sarada and their relationship. We already know that they’ll probably get married or something. Create blond kids with blue eyed sharingans.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dreager1

        Nooooo, I want the friend zone B) Similar to how Sakura/Naruto was destroyed by the appearance of Hinata, I’m not sure if Sarada x Naruto will end up playing out. Hopefully Boruto is another 20+ volume series so we’ll have time for a lot of power ups and guest star appearances from the older characters. By the end of the series, I want Boruto to at least be as strong as Sage Mode Naruto.


        1. Sunite

          I’m sure he definitely will, in terms of power. Im hoping that Boruto learns from Sasuke and follows his footsteps and even learns Chidori. That’d be so troll tho.


          1. dreager1

            Chidori would definitely be hype. I think they might have mentioned that lightning style was his element in the Boruto film. I forgot though so, maybe I’m misremembering here. It would definitely be awesome and that would help fuel the rivalry even more.


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