Shukaku Awakens – Gaara

Gaara was largely known as a beast and monster to his village, hiding within him was the One Tail Demon known as Shukaku who would awake when Gaara fell asleep, he went on a rampage around the village destroying what willed. As this cross of cosplay and art describes, it see’s  both Gaara and Shukaku fighting to take control.

Shukaku Awakens Gaara by catandcrown

A magnificently done piece of art by the hands of catandcrown, who have been previously featured here with their artwork of Zabuza. If you like their work, be sure to check them out, otherwise be sure to go ahead and share this piece of amazing looking artwork to your favourite social network.

There is one comment

  1. trinin ninja

    It looks very interesting. It captures the ferociousness of shukaku and the pain that gaara endures whenever he transforms into the beast known as the one-tailed demon.

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