Ishida’s Plan! Destroying Wahrwelt – Bleach 660

Bleach 660 see’s Haschwalth commanding Uryu to attack Ichigo, which he does but fall down somewhere when they talk about Ishida’s plan to destroy Wahrwelt, and the fact that he’s the only one who can do so. Haschwalth already saw through this and begins his attack on Uryu and Ichigo.

Bleach 660 begins as Orihime and Chad also notice that Uryu is in front of them. As Jugram walks out, he notices that Ichigo and others have arrived too. He thinks this as a good fortune as has a chance to prove that he isn’t a traitor. If he is not a traitor, he wants him to kill them. However, Jugram can already see how it’s going to play out in the future.

Uryu attacks Ichigo and thus Ichigo does the same. He gets close to him as he asks what he’s trying to do, by following Jugram’s orders, is it what he really wants. Ishida attacks the ground Ichigo walks on and thus falls into a dark place. Chad helps him out by holding onto his sword, but it seems that Orihime’s Shun Shun Rikka (Santen Kesshun) aids them down to the floor of the building they fell into.

Ichigo asks Uryu to tell him why he’s siding with the Quincies and why he insists on fighting them, Ichigo even asks for him to at least help him understand what he’s doing, even if he has to fight him. Ishida tosses him a circular device known as the Sun Key, these have been handed down to each Stern Ritter, by holding it next to the Sun Gates, they can teleport to other areas.

Ishida tells Ichigo to keep using it till he finds some stairs going down, follow them, the Sun Gate should have already been set up to facilitate the invasion into the Real World, take it and just go back. Ishida then reveals that he shall stay behind and take down Wahrwelt himself! Once he’s activated all the chips, he will cause them to explode and thus destroying everything.

Ichigo tells him that he sounds crazy, this was the reason why Uryu did not tell Ichigo. Ishida is told by Ichigo that he does not have to do this, all they need to do is defeat Yhwach and everything will be okay, however Ishida mentions that it’s impossible. Ishida mentions that this is something only he can do alone, the destruction chips were passed down to him from his master, they were created by the Sanrei Shutou and thus he is the only one that can activate them.

He has thought of this plan very carefully taking into consideration everything, there is no other way. Now that he’s told him, he needs to get out of there before Haschwalth notices. However, Haschwalth appears, as he mentions that he will never get it, he can already see exactly how he’s going to respond to him. Jugram appears behind Ishida from the darkness that he was hiding in. Bleach 660 ends here.

What an absolutely amazing chapter, I honestly can’t believe that Bleach as a series has reached a point such as this, if Kubo was to cover everything, it would take it a while, but I seem to love the progression that he’s going for. Nevertheless, Ichigo and Uryu meeting will mean something, he won’t leave just because Uryu wants him to. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 661 when we see what’ll happen next.

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  1. Ultimate Coordinator

    They’re going to have to create a new soul palace and new soul king once Yhwach & all Quincies die. 😂 Ishida & Ichigo VS Haschwalth should be great. Seems unfair to Haschwalth, yet to see Ichigo’s Bankai & Ishida’s schrift A.


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    I feel like this isn’t Uryu’s real plan. I feel like he’s doing this do fuck with Jugram. Cause I don’t believe Yhwach wants Uryu do die. And I found it interesting that the Wahrwelt has an underground city as under the capital. Also, Uryu said they were going to use the Gate of the Sun to invade the world of the living. With who? The Soldat? Or will Yhwach revive his fallen Sternritter from 1000 years ago and do the invasion? Because I don’t believe the Schutzstaffel will be doing the invasion. They are fighting in the Wahrwelt and possibly the returning Royal Guard. Jugram acting similar to Yhwach is nice. The Almighty makes him very straight forward and a little crazy.

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    1. Ultimate Coordinator

      He prob has multiple plans/strategies but I could see him being serious about this one. Haschwalth would need Yhwach’s permission in order to kill Ishida, he seems important. Also that’s prob inside the building not underground, remember the tower had building on top of building. It’s pointless to invade the real world there’s nothing there.

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      1. nickdunnaquatic

        This plan isn’t even good. Uryu could have asked them for help. Just because the chips only activate with his Reiatsu alone doesn’t mean he had to do it alone. He also could have told the Gotei 13 what he was up too. But he didn’t. Now we are supposed to believe he’s going to kill not just the Quincy, but the rest of the Gotei 13, Visord, and other allies??? That’s not Uryu at all. Jugram is way different than he was during the day. He is acting different because of The Almighty. He is doing this because he thinks Uryu is a not on their side. Uryu is ticking h so he can try and kill him. Which is something Yhwach won’t like. Yhwach already took over the Royal Realm. His song said he’ll take the world in 9 days. Its only night 3 and he already has the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. The next logical step is taking over the world of the living. Uryu won’t have said that if it wasn’t going to happen. I just assumed the were underground. But it’s possible they are in the lower level of the Wahrwelt palace.

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  3. Christopher Waters

    Uryu is way to smart for this to be his plan. Its far to simple and has a very low chance of working. I’m not sure what his real plan could be but doubt very much that this is his plan. It seems more like a rash Ichigo plan then a plan that Uryu would come up with.

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  4. josephbhwanah

    A boring chapter if u ask me, coz of the fact that it solely concentrated on Ichigo & Uryu..We all knew Uryu wasn’t the bad guy, for all we know he had plans of his own & didnt want to involve anyone else.& all this, while it might seem as a surprise to Jugram now that he has the Almighty about Uryu’s betrayal, but i dont think its something that Yhwach was not aware of entirely, Uryu is just screwing with Jugram now that he has the Almighty & sees the future & uses that to lure him into battle now that Yhwach is asleep..As we all know, Jugram is too royal & wont take anyone’s betrayal likely..this chapter is called the “visible answer”, i have read somewhere that the following chapter will be called the “invisible answer”, so i think ther is more to Uryu’s plan than wat he spilled to Ichigo & friends…contrary to what most of you think, but i think this is shaping up to be Uryu Vs Jugram if u ask me..


  5. josephbhwanah

    Perhaps, but assuming Yhwach has already seen the possible future as wel, i think he is just going to forceful turn Uryu against them, same as he did with Ichigo & made him stab the Soul-King if it ever comes to that..& maybe then Uryu will fight Ichigo,Ryuken or Aizen perhaps, & Jugram will have someone else to fight like Ukitake, Urahara or even Shunsui, for all we know, Ichigo might be compelled by Yhwach to fight his fellow Shinigami as wel, If it comes to that i think he is going to perhaps face his father, Kenpachi or Aizen. Either way, none is in a position to fight Yhwach as he is now without some devious plan to weaken him first & even that still it wont be enough, i can see Aizen playing part in this or Ryuken in weakening Yhwach before the final showdown, the way things were show cased in this chapter it kinda makes one feel that things are about to be set on course to the finish line..


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      I heard good theories about the future invasion of the world of the living. Remember, this is the 3rd night becoming the 3rd say very soon. We still have 6 more days till Yhwach completely takes over the world. One theory is Ryuken is training Quincy to battle Yhwach’s invasion in the world of the living, along with Isshin and Tessai. It would explain why they have been absent in this arc. Especially Ryuken and Tessai. I believe Yhwach will he mad at Jugram when he wakes up. He has no control over Jugram when he is asleep.


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