Gray vs Silver! Demon Slayer Magic – Fairy Tail 252

Fairy Tail 252 see’s Gray vs Silver go full ham as they hit each other one after another, all during Franmalth is captured and Natsu and others are fighting against other members of Tartarus. We discover that Silver, Gray’s Father, has Demon Slayer Magic capable of killing demons and demons alike, we see Gray trick Silver and thus he gets defeated after Gray knew that he wasn’t the Deliora’s human form.

Fairy Tail 252 begins as Gray vs Silver continues with Gray taking a lot of the damage. All he can do is just move from one area to another defending and trying to attack. Gray uses his ice Excalibur but Silver just absorbs it. He tells Gray that he’s learnt the magics involved in Demon Slayer magic and thus shall use it.

Keyes tells Juvia that for someone who uses demon slayer, he’s in the guild because of Mard. All while Natsu and Gajeel battle it out against Torafusa and Tempesta. Gajeel and Natsu are pushed back, but they don’t give up. However, Juvia is in trouble as she doesn’t want to do something rash but she explains that she will never do something so bad to Gray.

Natsu gets attacked by he attacks back. Gray and Silver continue their fight as Gray is pushed back, he uses his ice magic but is quickly absorbed, all while Silver uses his Roar of the Demon Slayer which pushes Gray back, he’s hurt. Gray comes up with an ice to create canons which uses rumble from they are which beats Silver now.

Silver freezes everything however Gray mentions that he can use this ice cover to transfer it to Silver. Silver gets attacked but it doesn’t affect him as he just mentions that as Deliora, he won’t be affected by such attacks. All while Franmalth is harassed by the cats, even ate by one of them.

We see Wendy, Carla and Doranbolt try to figure out a way to get in contact with Warren in order to tell everyone from the guild about what to do about the situation. Keyes can predict that Gray will use Iced Shell, just like his mentor. Gray keeps on getting beaten down every moment he gets up by the hands of Silver.

Gray gets up and forces himself as he mentions that he will definitely win against him, as he enables his Iced Shell. Silver warns him of the risks of giving up his own life. Gray used a clone, but continues his Ice Shell when he reappears behind Silver. He begins to remember everyone.

He enables it, it gets attacked to Silver but he tries to take it away, but he uses another clone as he grasps a canon bullet which he uses and throws towards Silver at such a critical time. Gray realises that he clearly isn’t Deliora, but in fact his own father. Fairy Tail 252 ends here.

Pretty good episode as Gray and Silver share a final battle, it seems that as Hell’s Core is out of commission, Silver will die. It seems that we also find out that Keyes is behind all of this and that he’ll play a big part in this. We’ll also discover Silver in next week’s Fairy Tail 253, titled Silver’s Memories”.

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