Fairy Tail 446 Cover see’s Zeref and the Alvarez Kingdom

Fairy Tail 446 cover  see’s a whole new coloured page, this time we see members of the Alvarez Empire such as Zeref, Brandish, Imber, Azir, Dimaria and August. While also seeing Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Gray, Wendy, Carla and Happy from Fairy Tail. Check it out, it looks awesome.

Fairy Tail 446 CoverSeeing as a new awesome arc has begun with the Alvarez Empire, with Spriggan being Zeref, and Natsu not knowing anything about his past, it seems that Natsu vs Zeref will most likely happen very soon.

This arc also explains Ragnarok/Dragon King Festival/Final Battle will most likely happen very soon, maybe not in this arc but in the near future. And on top of all of this, the function of Fairy Heart will also be revealed to us very soon.

Fairy Tail 446 will also feature special colour pages with a whopping 31 pages to feature some pretty awesome revelations. The chapter is titled “The Land Abandoned By God”. Go on ahead and comment below telling us what you feel about the upcoming special chapter.

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  1. Madara

    hIro mashima is working really hard i mean he gives us 30 pages every 3-4. manga chapter and sometimes double chapter..also he never takes any break
    I think FT is reaching its climax (maybe 100-200 ch.) and we will see zeref vs natsu very soon the news arc looks really intersting!


    1. Sunite

      Totally agree, looks awesome and the climax in 100-200 seems pretty good to me. And agree that he’s very hard working, giving us two mangas at once when he had go do Fairy Tail Zero and the main canon too. A teaser of Natsu vs Zeref would be very welcoming here.


  2. Coco

    Does anyone else believe that natus has some kind of hidden power with the hand that is wrapped, because in both latest chapers every time he has seen the arc he holds his arm. I don’t think it’s him shaking of fear.


    1. Sunite

      That is something a lot of people think too, it could be an injury or a reaction to the opponents powers. It all depends on how it Natsu feels about it all.


  3. Zeref Spriggan-sama

    I know this may seems dumb,but i would need to know if the white neck area particulars on Zeref’s suit in this cover are a coloring mistake or not. For a cosplay,you know,i’d realy like to cosplay him in his “Emperor Spriggan black and white fakin apocalipse lord badass mode”and if this is actualy an outfit suited for his role of emperor and different from the one we’ve seen in Ishgar i’d be sooo happy. (English is not my native language,so sorry for the very terrible grammar)


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