Cosplay: Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth, a very strong Stern Ritter and part of the Quincy Army, leads Yhwach (Juha Bach) and his army towards a victory. He hasn’t truly fought an opponent to victory however we all know that we’ll see him fight to his full potential soon enough, even see his bow and power up. Here is a pretty awesome cosplay which I believe to look fantastic, go ahead and look for yourself.

If you like their work, be sure to go ahead and check Pink-Rattie as they have some fantastic looking cosplay to show off. If you like their work, be sure to go ahead and share this page, and comment down below.

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  1. trinin ninja

    Jugram is a very powerful quincy. He hilds the title of grand master over all the quincy, yet uryu was chosen to be yhwach’s successor. Jugram is also a level headed individual as shown when he engages kyoraku and nanao. He appears to have an almost expressionless face at all times, only showing surprise when he is off guard in situations involving his master. This cosplay looks to be faithful to hugram’s personality as we can see that the lady in cosplay is not showing much emotion. ?


    1. Nick Dunn

      Yup so right my man. Jugram is definitely the strongest Sternritter. Of course with the exception of Gremmy Thoumeaux. Compared to him, Jugram is way more intelligent and a much better fighter. I see him fighting Shunsui in the future and using his Schrift The Balance and Vollständig against Shunsui and his Shikai and Bankai. His personality is very neutral, and he truly represents Balance well. He even killed Cang Du because he left battle with moderate injures, while Toshiro had horrible injures and was killed by Giselle. I believe he sparred BG9, because his injures were way worse than Cang Du’s.


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