Naruto and Sasuke Dying!? Madara’s World – Naruto Shippuden 393

Naruto Shippuden 393 faces danger as Naruto’s Kurama is removed from him as well as Sasuke getting stabbed by Madara in the heart. It seems that they’re both going to die as Karin and Sakura are unable to do a single thing. However Kurama quickly tells Gaara what to do before all the Tailed Beasts are pulled into the Gedo Mazo. 

Naruto Shippuden 393 see’s all the Tailed Beasts being pulled in one by one, Shukaku learns that Gaara is not that bad after all. Naruto is also being pulled in, he’s close to it, to which Naruto is taken Kurama from him. Kurama tells Gaara something as Naruto is removed Kurama, thus leading up to his possible death as removing a Tailed Beasts kills the individual.

Naruto falls on Gaara’s sand as all the Tailed Beasts enter one by one. Out of nowhere, Tobirama attacks Madara but misses as Madara just moves to the side. However Tobirama teleports above him to try and attack him. Gaara and Naruto are heading towards Tsunade and the others. Gaara mentions that he won’t let him die!

Tobirama has been taken down, Madara and Tobirama talk about his plans and what he’d like to do. Plus Izuna was the one who got killed by Tobirama so he wanted to repay it back. We also see Hashirama and Sasuke talk about how he’s going to need help, thus wishes to give him a new jutsu since he himself can’t do anything at this point.

Tobirama tries to attack Madara one last time however it doesn’t work as he just blocks using Susanoo, plus Sasuke quickly appears from above that he has a good chance of killing him. However he gets trapped in a spell by Madara which holds him in air unable to move. Madara gets his blade and points it to Sasuke, then says Hashirama’s words and thrust it through Sasuke’s chest!

Sasuke is in trouble as blood begins to flow. White Zetsu also begins to cause chaos as he uses the Thousand Hands Wooden Statue to attack with only Hiruzen being able to go up against him at the time. Everyone else is in trouble. Orochimaru and the others are also watching from the side lines. Gaara passes by with Naruto to which he goes to Tsunade who currently doesn’t have enough chakra.

Sakura is taken with then, Hinata watches from afar as she realises that Naruto is hurt, his heart is getting weaker and weaker. She begins to run towards them as they leave. She falls over and in an effort she wishes for Neji to protect Naruto. The Gedo Mazo disappears and both Sasuke and Madara fall.

Sasuke begins to remembers Itachi’s last moments, to which he realises that he will not let Itachi’s last moments go to waste, he will fight on and do whatever he can to help. He mentions that he will become strong, become a Kage, he will build the best village and everything that goes with that. Both Sasuke and Naruto begin to die, as Sakura and Karin realise that they’re both going to die. Naruto Shippuden 393 ends here.

A fantastic episode, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while, what will happen next, it’s impossible for Naruto and Sasuke to come back from such events. It’s going to be tricky, I can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 394, titled “The New Chunin Exams”, when we see everyone fight on, as well as see some past moments based on some chunin exams.

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  1. narutoget

    Naruto is Masterpiece! My childhood favorite! The greatest anime! It inspired me, made me cry, made me laugh, made me to play, it made me to play piano, it made me to love Japan! With phenomenal story and superb characters! Every personage from “Naruto” has it’s own amazing story! Every village has it’s kage! I can’t explain with few words how great is this anime! It’s just another dimension…ninja dimension! It will be forever my number 1 favorite movie/serial/animation!


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