Anime Christmas 2014

It’s Christmas today! And because of that I’m going to be posting some fantastic artwork based on the top four anime’s and Christmas itself. Please enjoy these awesome and fantastic fan art based on Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail and One Piece, if you like them be sure to share the page so other fans can also see the great collection of anime Christmas images.

First lefts begin with Naruto, the manga has recently ended but the anime continues with the addition to some movies.

Credit for these Naruto-based images go to: UzucakebelucEnMalaMi95ChaoticRabbit and bocodamondo.

Next up let’s go with some Bleach, the anime isn’t currently airing however the manga is going very strong. Be sure to comment below on all pictures here.

Credit to these awesome Bleach Christmas fan art go to: LeTWorkDevilishMirajaneMisterMadam and ElyonBlackStar.

Next up we have Fairy Tail, if you the anime and manga, I’m sure you’re going to like some of these.

The credit of these go to: CelestialRaynaSuperTerabiteclaudiadragneel and manu-chann.

Finally we have One Piece, I don’t currently watch this series but it’s on my to watch list.

The above contains a pretty funny gif too, you might enjoy that one. They’re by KeiraDulacre, DevilishMirajanevillaskgm and the gif by AnnaFrancesca.

So did you enjoy these? If you did be sure to share the page, comment down below telling me which was your favourite as well as tell your friends about it. Spread the word.

Also to everyone, I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, have fun and just take the day easy. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Don’t drink too much, eat a lot and just enjoy life.

What do you think?

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