POLL: Naruto Manga End – Discussing The Results

Naruto was truly a magnificent manga series, it followed in the footsteps on Naruto Uzumaki and his friends who supported him during all his struggles to which he now is the Hokage. A poll was done two weeks ago asking your thoughts on the end of Naruto Manga, lets discuss the results. 

Naruto 15 Years by Sideburn004

Over the two weeks the poll was up, over 1000 votes were logged counted and from the three options displayed, we can go ahead and use that data to talk about the overall opinion on how Naruto manga ended. Option 1: It was really good, Option 2: It was okay, and Option 3: I was disappointed.

Of the 1069 who voted, 544 (50.89%) thought it was really good. 295 (27.6%) thought Naruto ended okay. 230 (22%) thought it was an disappointing ending. Seems like a large portion aren’t happy with the ending, while only half of the viewers are satisfied. The vote widget is available for you to see the votes live.

I personally thought the manga had ended in  really good, I had no major complaints, and it was amazing to see Sasuke come back to the good side, he’s also married the right woman for him. As well as seeing Naruto and Hinata become canon! On top of all of this, we’ll be getting a new series telling the story of the next generation.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment down below telling me what you think!

Image: Sideburns004

There are 4 comments

  1. trinin ninja

    I felt it was a little rushed because many things were left unrevealed like sasuke’s teammates, yamato, and orochimaru. what happened to them over the years?


    1. Sunite

      That is definitely true, due to the it being one or two chapters. I think there wasn’t enough space to cover them. I think the new series that Kishimoto is developing, I think he might explain them there, as well as everyone else.


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