Wendy defeats Aquarius! At the Fun Fair – Fairy Tail 209

Fairy Tail 209 see’s Aquarius and Wendy have a good time at the Fun Fair as they play and have some ice cream together, Aquarius is defeated. Natsu tries to battle Loke but something appears and both are flung elsewhere with Natsu appearing in Wendy’s Fun Fair battle against Aquarius. 

Fairy Tail 209 begins as Natsu and Loke both go ahead and battle, seeing Happy hit from Loke’s hand. The pyramid they’re on begins to move, Loke begins to take his advantage when something shows up which engulfs both of them.

We see Lucy and Virgo fight each other as Virgo quickly gets the advantage as Lucy tries to talk to Virgo about coming back to her. Cana and Scorpio play a card game where they fight using their card and their team mates. Cana is attacked by Scorpio’s attack.

Wendy and Aquarius play while Aquarius attacks her over and over again while Wendy tries to stop her from doing so, she doesn’t understand what she’s doing. Just like kids, they begin to complain about each other.

Aquarius unleashes a water dragon when Wendy hides, she goes on rampage when Aquarius destroys nearly the whole park with her magic. Out of nowhere they take a break where they go and get some ice cream. Mirajane still fights Pisces.

A break is taken, they all enjoy their time having ice cream when Aquarius once again begins her game. Wendy and Carla run when she attacks, they’re stuck on a Ferris wheel, Wendy gets inside when Natsu breaks in from the top.

Aquarius keeps on attack using them to break the Ferris wheel. She keeps on attack when Natsu uses his fire to stop her water. Aquarius hits Carla when Happy saves her, Wendy also uses her magic to help save a sad Aquarius who’s just about to fall. Wendy uses her key to send Aquarius back to her place. Fairy Tail 209 ends here.

An okay episode, stuff happened but still not an interest by me. Still an episode is an episode, hopefully they improve next week’s Fairy Tail 210, titled “Guild Deck vs Celestial Spirit Deck”, when Cana and Scorpio play the card game.

What do you think?

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