Journey To The Boss Fight – Sword Art Online II 20 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II 20 impresses me after a long time as Asuna joins Sleeping Knights in the fight against the boss. Yuuki recruits Asuna to go up against a floor boss to get their name on the participant list to beat them. At the end, as another guild tries to take the boss on, Kirito shows up to take them all on. 

It’s been a while since Sword Art Online II has launched a decent episode, I think this one did a pretty good job of pulling me back in. Kirito already knows Yuuki’s secret, and so do I (I think). This episode seems to be less sad from the previous ones, however does contain the odd little relationship hiccup from Asuna.

The best part of this, I believe was the ending. They figure out that the guild was snooping on them, when they bring their reinforcement when Kirito quickly follows, overtaking them and telling them that the area in off limits. Kirito will most likely destroy them with just a few swipes.

On top of this, the plaque in the floor one hall showed Asuna and Kirito’s name quite often as they seemed to have been fighting and kicking ass as well as opening more floors for everyone else. All together, I think it was a good episode, better than previous ones. There wasn’t a lot of dragging on in this one. Can’t wait for next week’s Sword Art Online II 21, titled “Swordsman Memorial”.

What do you think?

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