Mard’s Memento Mari! Ultimate Curse – Fairy Tail 410

Fairy Tail 410 see’s Mard Geer’s ultimate weapon that he plans on using against Zeref to capture and kill him, releasing him from his burdens. Natsu and Gray try their best but unfortunately it seems that Mard’s Memento Mari Ultimate Curse weapon has taken both of them down, they are missing. 

Fairy Tail 410 begins with both Gray and Natsu smashing Mard Geer on the ground, he then gets back up, kicks both of them when Natsu uses his Roar! However Mard escapes it when Gray uses his Ice Devil’s Rage!

It completely misses when Mard uses his Dea Yggdrasil to release a type of wooden attack in the shape of a fireball, both Natsu and Gray stand close and keep on smashing the wooden attack as quickly as they can. Gray uses his Ice Make Gingnir to freeze it all when Natsu appears from the top.

Then quickly gets a smash on Natsu with his Fire Dragons Brilliant Flame on he’s face. However he just gets up with no scratches at all. Natsu mentions if he is invisible or something when he mentions that if he can connect with his Devil Slayer magic, he can kick his ass.

Mard tells them that he is happy that he’s provided him with some amusement. He explains that when Magic was developed and created, different types were created. To which END was also developed and it a part of that collection.

Curses, the source of it’s power comes from human emotions such as grudges, envy, hatred. These negative emotions exhibit it. A power based on the very essence of life. Natsu doesn’t agree with it when a mist type magic appears as Mard goes ahead and tells them that the future has no magic. Juhou is the superior power and it trumps all.

Natsu and Gray are unable to move. Mard tells them that he created this technique for the purpose of destroying Zeref. The memory of death. A large explosion of souls appear when Mard unleashes his power, Memento Mori!

Mard mentions that in order to kill Zeref he needs to destroy the concept of life and death. Those affected by this curse are neither living nor dead. They are simply gone, erased, eradicated. Eternally become Nothing as there is nothing in that space and time.

Natsu and Gray both disappear. Mard Geer transforms back into his normal form, he mentions that it’s completed, the Ultimate Curse Memento Mori! All that is left is to resurrect END. Then END will be the end of Zeref! Fairy Tail 410 ends here.

A interesting chapter, seems like Mard has somehow gotten rid of Natsu and Gray, however I’m sure they’re somewhere and will somehow make their way back. If Zeref does appear now then we’ll truly see it’s beginning. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 411, titled “Quid Pro Quo”

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