Naruto, Hinata and Toneri Visual Art and Guidebook For “The Last” Naruto The Movie

“The Last” Naruto the Movie is nearly at it’s showing in Japanese Theater, as we get closer we are revealed to Toneri Otsutsuki, Hinata and Naruto’s visual arts, plus the Movie’s Guidebook. We also learn and see a visual descendant of how Toneri is connected to all of this. 

Toneri Naruto and Hinata in The Last

Seeing above, we have a peak and guess that this movie will most likely also be about Hinata and Naruto, their relationship as an overall as well as see the new character we know as Toneri Otsutsuki. Apparently being the offspring and descendant of Hagoromo’s brother, Hamura as seen in the image below.

Otsutsuki Family TreeWe also learn that the base of the plot will be based on Naruto realising how Hinata has always loved him from the beginning of it all. When Naruto realises this, we see Toneri appear and capture Hinata, to which we begin the adventure to which Naruto has to fight the evil to get her back safe and sound.

Naruto and Hinata in The Last Naruto the MovieAs we are very close to premier of the movie, we learn about the special The Last Naruto The Movie Guidebook available to those that go to watch the movie. They will learn more about Naruto’s last adventure. Titled Naruto Hiden Retsu no Sho (Naruto: Book of Lines), it features Naruto, Hinata and Toneri on the cover. Also containing a piece of special manga done by Kishimoto himself.

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