The Troubles of Watching Anime and Reading Manga

It’s been a very long time since I did one of these personal posts, I’d like to talk a little about how those who watch both the anime and read the manga have any conflicting feelings when it comes to rewatching or rereading the exact same moment in it’s anime glory.

Before I begin, I’d like to shed some light on why I’m writing this post. I am getting really frustrated and tired of reading and watching the same exact thing, the examples I’ll be using are those of Naruto and Fairy Tail. Both of these anime’s and their manga’s are covered by me  every week. As soon as they come out, I show what I think about them as well as briefly narrate what happens in them.

Okay so, imagine yourself reading the Naruto manga series (yes, the manga series has unfortunately ended) until you’re at the latest chapter. Then we have the anime, the animators bring the manga to life giving the characters a personality, movement and a voice.

It’s all jolly up until the moment you know what’s going to happen next, and until that point you keep waiting for the anime to progress further. The current Naruto Shippuden episodes have just sucked, dragging and prolonging everything from Naruto’s Talk No Jutsu to repeating Obito’s life over and over again.

The worse part is that after already writing and narrating the same exact parts of the manga in a post, you’d have to narrate them once more for the anime post. Lately, I’ve been trying to stick with the main points when it comes to writing the anime, so I try not to spend a lot of time on them.

I’m not necessarily saying that I hate Naruto and Fairy Tail anime, just gotten a lot tired seeing the same thing over and over again. Although currently Fairy Tail have a different filler arc, which in it self has made me hate fillers, plus Lucy is seriously pissing me off. Something about her gets on my nerves, could it be the fact that she is totally useless and somehow everyone in Fairy Tail has to pay for her stupidity?

In comparison, manga is actually great. It’s always awesome to read them, even if I only currently read Bleach and Fairy Tail, (truly unhappy to see Naruto go). There is always something new going on, and with it being a direct connection with the author, it’s nice to see the talent the mangaka’s hold.

A little bit of rant since I’m finding some of these repetitive anime’s annoying as hell. The rest on my watch list are superb and have no complaints about. Nevertheless, what are your opinions on those that watch both the manga and read the anime. Just recapping the same thing in its animated form.

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  1. joseph

    Sometime in get disappointed because as I read manga I’m putting it in anime format in my head then when I see the anime not up to my imagination or if I feel the anime water down a good fight


    1. Sunite

      I feel like your opinion and how you described having to imagine yourself bringing the manga to life is something i do too. I feel like the anime needs to be much quicker and just needs to stop wasting my time.
      The anime’s do seem to slow down and drag a good fight a long. I just hope they don’t ever do this, but my opinions don’t really matter in the bigger picture.


    1. Desperado

      Same. I couldn’t agree more. From the very first episode/chapter. I actually dislike her more than any other female anime character who is part of the main cast. It’s just irritating. I might actually do a post about my top 10 worst female characters in popular anime. xD

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  2. blackalice4586

    For me it’s also very stressful to follow the same thing twice. And what I find very annoying are the filker arcs (it doesn’t matter which anime) I personally prefer reading manga , because it’s all the effort, time and creativity the mangaka put in and I love that very much


    1. Sunite

      Filler arcs are literally the worst, they can be so anoyying. What I’m there to see is the story from the author, not stupid things made up out of nowhere not even relating to the overall story.


  3. blackalice4586

    I personally prefer reading manga, because it’s all the effort , time and creativity the mangaka put in and I love that very much. In the anime a lot of the characters and scenes are censored and there are of course the filler episodes which are very annoying and sometimes really strange (it doesn’tbmatter which anime)


    1. Desperado

      I agree with you about the effort of the mangaka bit. You can clearly see the effort that has gone into making each chapter. Unless its Bleach where Tite Kubo just shits on the page at times. Like literally half the chapter will be a bunch of lines to cover the space. One Piece has more content in a single chapter than bleach has in a couple of months worth.


  4. ryuujinjakka

    For me, the filler episode about Mecha Naruto was it. True, it was just one episode, and I put up with many, much longer filler arcs, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

    I don’t follow Naruto Shippuuden anymore. Talk no jutsu gets on my nerves big time, like you said Sunite.

    I leave loads of gaps in Fairy Tail between the manga and anime, just so that I forget enough of the details to make it worth rewatching.

    Somehow the Naruto fillers irritated me much more than Fairy Tail or Bleach. At least Fairy Tail has good humor (read Happy) to offset Lucy’s stupidity.

    Even the quality of the animation seems to be going down. In the filler arcs, which the mangaka doesn’t oversee, the characters are drawn so crudely. Not to mention the poor match-ups. Yamamoto defeated by that whatchamacallit Kageroza Inaba!

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    1. Sunite

      Totally agree with you there bud. Fairy Tail is okay, and I like your idea of leaving gaps in your manga reading, keeping it interesting for when you watch the anime. Quality when it comes to fillers goes down the drain.

      Bleach fillers aren’t that bad personally, they have some great fights in them so I’m totally fine with that.
      Talk No Jutsu is okay when it begins but if it drags on and repeats so much, I feel like punching the animators in the face because I get tired of watching the same thing over and over again.

      The Mecha Naruto was pretty awful, I personally found it terrible since I think they were promoting the game for some stupid reason.


  5. dreager1

    Hm, I think it’s a pretty complicated issue and it depends on the show. My short answer is that I still like to see it in both mediums and I’m typically okay with seeing the same thing twice.

    That being said, I’ve always made sure not to stay too close in different versions. For example, I decided to stick with the dub for Shippuden so we’re just starting the war. This way, it’s been a long time since I saw the events in the manga so it feels a little fresher. Likewise, in One Piece, I’m years behind where the anime in Japan is up too.

    It’s why I actually look forward to filler as well since it will be different from the manga. Unfortunately, Naruto Shippuden has some terrible filler episodes, which destroys the point. I also think that Shippuden’s director is to blame. The actual quality of the episodes took a big dip when it started. Take the big fights like Sasuke vs Itachi and Naruto vs Orochimaru. They were dragged out to no end by large amounts of talking that ruined the momentum that they had. I do think that the events were a lot more enjoyable in the manga and it’s a problem that original anime (Like Fate Stay Night or Heroic Age) don’t suffer from because they can go at a quick pace without worrying about catching up. I still think it’s cool to see all of the scenes become animated, but I can see why you would get frustrated with it at times. Shippuden possibly should have just ended temporarily like Bleach so that it could come back one day, but the risk is that it just wouldn’t come back. That being said, the inflated episode count will look good on the director’s resume 😛

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  6. chrono

    Started reading manga when the new bleach arc began, only because it wasnt being animated anymore. And i have to say i was surprised as to how much i had been missing. Anime jus doesnt show the genius of the author, and this may be biased since bleach is my favorite anime/manga, but the f×$k kubo is a talented mangaka. The manga allows you to taste, smell, and feel in no other way the feelings potrayed. Even the chapter titles which are never added in the animated versions are often poetic enough to bring out the crux of the story.There are a few mangas which are as good in both anime and manga form or even better, one peice and attack on titan! But probably its because of their good story lines. As for fairy tail, i dnt mind it really,the story line has beenpretty repititive of late and seems worse in anime,but no ther anime makes me laugh as hard!!!!


  7. kenpoklown

    Ok so I read and watch just about everything manga/anime related and I gotta say I get annoyed when everyone gets all pissed about fillers! I get it sometimes they aren’t that good or drag on but I look at it like this….it’s an extra story of a series I usually love or else I wouldn’t still be reading/watching! The bleach fillers were so so but in the end I got to spend more time watching the characters I love so much even if it has nothing to do with the main story! I think of it like an OVA or movie. It does get kind of annoying when they decide to do it right at a critical moment in the story like when ichigo beats grimmjow and than cut to several weeks of filler but it also makes me appreciate the main story all the more! I love manga but sometime the drawings don’t always convey he badassery of a particular fights or scene. The anime sometimes drops the ball too but for the most part I’m usually pretty happy with watching whatever I read play out on the screen later! I dunno just my take on it all. I just love everything anime/manga so I’ll take anything I can get my hands on!


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