Naruto and Sasuke Become Friends! Sasuke’s Loses – Naruto 698

Naruto 698 see’s the friendship of Naruto and Sasuke reform as they both lose an arm whilst battling each other, Sasuke calls his loss while they’re both unable to move. Sasuke also admits that he has always been looking at Naruto from the back, he has always been jealous of him. A very emotional chapter as we see both create a genuine bond for everyone! Naruto vs Sasuke Ends!

Naruto 698 begins as Naruto notices that Sasuke’s power has faded for a second when he smacks him in the face, Sasuke mentions that he should just stay down so he can die already, he asks why he always gets up. Naruto mentions that it’s because this is who he is.

Kurama tells him that it was a good counter, however he’s been weakened too, however he will give him the last of his chakra for a last attack. On top of which Sasuke brings out a Kagutsuchi which is in the form of his Black Flames.

Kurama tells Naruto that after he’s given him the chakra, he will fall asleep. Sasuke gets ready, so does Naruto to battle Naruto. Naruto creates his Rasengan. Both attack each other and both fall unconscious. During that night, Sasuke wakes up, he looks down to notice something when Naruto mentions that they cannot move.

Sasuke asks why he had got in his way, Sasuke had the power to kill any and everything that had plunged into darkness, he would have wanted to get rid of anyone who was strong, however Naruto got in the way. Naruto mentions that he should already know by now, he also mentions that he cannot move, he’s mouth is doing a good job of talking.

Naruto mentions that it’s because they’re friends, Naruto expands on this by saying that when he sees him carry that burden, he is somehow hurt. So much pain that he cannot leave him alone. However he thinks that today they did a good job. Sasuke thinks about Naruto’s past.

He first thought that he was just a brat who looked for attention, however as time went on, Sasuke felt that this weakness he calls was entering him too. IT would bring Sasuke ease and make him weak. He trained hard, however whenever he saw Naruto fight.

All he thought about was that Naruto was in front of him, he saw Team 7 as his own family, he would start to hurt seeing Naruto in pain. He became real friends when he understood Naruto’s pain. From then on, he got stronger and became jealous of how strong Naruto, however he had also had a connection.

Sasuke reveals that doing missions with Team 7 felt like he was following Naruto, just like it was with Itachi. Both of them wake up, it’s now morning to which Naruto and Sasuke keep on talking that they seems to have survived. They cannot move their bodies.

Naruto hears Sasuke laugh as he mentions that he wants to knock him on the head. Afterwards, Sasuke admits loss, Naruto tells him that it isn’t a fight, it’s just between friends, he wanted to beat some sense into Sasuke.

Sasuke tells Naruto that he’s come to accept that if he dies, it’s also a type of revolution since the Infinite Tsukuyomi will dispel after he dies. Then he can take his left eye and transplant it into Kakashi. Naruto mentions that by dying nothing will be settled, Naruto proposes that he works together with everyone.

Sasuke mentions that he won’t be accepted by everyone, If Sasuke opposes him, Naruto will just kick his ass again. Naruto mentions that he’s going to repeat himself all over until he gets it when Sasuke cry’s. We then see that Naruto’s right and Sasuke’s left arms have been destroyed, while the dried blood has joined to show their relationship as friends. Naruto 698 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, it’s finally awesome to see Naruto and Sasuke become one as they both become friends! On top of which I can’t wait for the 2 last chapters when we see what happens next. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 699!

There are 21 comments

  1. Jasper Williams

    I really cried when I read this chapter today…this for me is the best chapter so far….now we know why the both had bandaged hands… so if sakura gets there…who is she gonna save first????


  2. rise

    wait so, was kurama put to “sleep” meaning that part of the chakra is completely gone. does this mean the other kurama which i believe was naruto’s half, only half as strong now?

    And now we somewhat know why future naruto hand was bandaged up


  3. Tsiikam Mhiesi

    The best chapter ever!T^T
    finally sasuke speaks up his true feelings for Naruto and yes you Naruto u’r the best hero ever….
    Long Live Naruto Anime!….


    1. Sunite

      Yeah definitely, this was an chapter to really enjoy. I like how they both admit that they are jealous of each other and how both of them have lost their arms explains the movie and Naruto’s arm.


  4. haqoromo

    Was indeed d best chapter ever
    sasuke admit loss while naruto admits friendship back then i voted dat it’s qona b a draw nd it was
    so d nxt 2 chapter will b on sakura nd kakashi i quess nd dat wil eventually qiv room to sakura haters lolx


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