The King of the Giants – Sword Art Online II 16 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 16 aired a few days ago, Kirito and his friends go on a brand new adventure to find the King of the Giants. Throughout their journey they face against many floors of monsters under they face up against the King himself, Thrym. It’s definitely getting to a stage where we’ll see some fantastic battles coming soon. 

Sword Art Online as a series is definitely picking up again with the current episodes, a new adventure is definitely good, but now I kind of miss Death Gun. Nevertheless, the way that arc ended, I won’t be surprised since I’m waiting for Death Gun himself to appear and come back.

This episode saw Klein show his true feelings up against a NPC as she was tied up, he definitely did a good thing since the NPC had increased their HP levels after arriving at the last boss levels, revealing the King himself as Thrym. At times, I saw the animators get a little sloppy when it came to drawing the characters, but I wasn’t disappointed with the overall episode.

A pretty good episode with enough action and adventure to keep me interested, however I presume we’ll see some more awesomeness during next week’s Sword Art Online II 17, titled “Excalibur”. From the title, I think we’ll see the Excalibur and it’s power.

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    1. Sunite

      Hahah I had to do something 😛 Halloween is awesome! I wanne do more of these, add extra stuff here and there. Also been testing out new themes (if you hadn’t noticed). I couldn’t find a better one yet.


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