Mavis is Lumen Histoire! Ultimate Weapon – Fairy Tail 406

Fairy Tail 406 shows the Lumen Histoire to be a Mavis Vermillion in her frozen state, she is Fairy Tail’s Ultimate Weapon as Makarov is ready to unleash her power. Natsu, Sting and Rogue battle against Mard Geer who finally gets serious about fighting them. Everyone gets ready to also battle against the multiple number of Face weapons.

Fairy Tail 406 begins as Elfman, Lisanna and the others keep on fighting against the countless number of Lamy clones. They finish each of them off when Lucy appears as she seems upset about letting Aquarius. Gajeel, Levy and Juvia are on their way to Porlyusica in order to help Laxus.

Gray is also going after some new enemies with his new power. Lucy explains to everyone else that we also know what Acnologia is fighting Igneel. Wendy also appears with Doranbolt and Charla who tell them that there are a huge number of Face weapons.

We now go ahead to Mard Geer who mentions he is now ready, he sets END down and then goes to talk to Natsu in a third person, he brings out his chain and mentions that he is the master of Tartarus who has to teach a lesson to whomever he wishes. He gets ready and launches his Thorns towards Natsu, Sting and Rogue.

They caught in its tracks and Natsu holds on to its thorn and rides it. He goes towards Mard when he’s quickly stopped by some kind of defensive attack. Natsu tries one more time with his Horn Strike but again it’s blocked by Mard. Then Mard gets on top of Natsu when he asks for Sting and Rogue’s help.

Sting and Rogue launch their Holy Shadow Dragon’s Flash Fang at Mard Geer when he finds it’ quite beautiful, he just absorbs it when Rogue and Sting are shocked. However Natsu appears and uses his Lightning Flame Dragon’s Firing Hammer! After using such an attack we see that it did nothing, and is attacked back, when he sits back down with a smile.

Wendy tells everyone that there are a lot of Face weapons around the continent however they aren’t able to contact all the mages since Warren’s telepathy cannot reach that far. Seconds later we hear words from Makarov who opens a door and brings out the Lumen Histoire, Fairy Tail’s Ultimate Weapon is Mavis Vermillion in her frozen state! Fairy Tail 406 ends here.

It’s awesome to finally see the Lumen Histoire get revealed, and out of everything I’m surprised that it’s Mavis, it’s amazing to see that she is alive! I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 407, titled “In Order to Destroy My Body”.

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  1. Rise

    I couldn’t help but notice that natsu lightning flame dragon firing hammer attack mard geer on his right side of his face but was injured on his left but anyway……
    That was totally unexpected for mavis to be lumen histoire and from how things are going, it looks as if this is the final arc

    Also this is a spoiler of a picture of either END or mard geer.


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