The Divine Tree! Infinite Tsukuyomi – Naruto Shippuden 381

Naruto Shippuden 381 shows the beginning of the Infinite Tsukuyomi technique as Obito plants it to grow it, while Naruto tries to once again attack however nearly die’s after nearly getting his life sapped out. Madara also tells Hashirama the past about the Divine Tree when Kaguya Otsutsuki stole the fruit it made to help in a war when Hagoromo Otsutsuki had to stop the Ten Tails. 

Naruto Shippuden 381 begins as Naruto and Minato plan their attack on Obito. Then discuss the fact that Naruto has grown up. Naruto powers up and gets ready to attack when Tobirama tells him that he can only attack with Sage powers. Kurama reminds him off the time he had used Sage and Kurama’s power a while ago during his time with Pain. He reminds him of it and helps him obtain it again.

Naruto begins to power up and absorb the power from Nature and quickly activates his Sage Mode. Minato also concentrates and steps up both enabling their Kurama Mode. Then makes a Rasengan to which Naruto adds his Sage powers into it.

Tobirama understands and quickly transports them into the barrier with Obito in there, he quickly notices and reacts, however they’re evenly powered and both are pushed back. Obito decides that it’s time to fight and bring out his trump card as he quickly enables his power and brings out the Ten Tails while Naruto and Minato are both creating large Bijuu Dama.

The Ten Tails got a little rampage however it’s quickly signaled that he’s about to enable it, to which a large flower like thing comes out from the back of the Ten Tails and forms itself upwards. At the same time, it begins to chase down everyone else and capture them, as it does this it sucks their soul and chakra dry killing them instantly.

It begins to kill a lot of people with most chasing those with lots of chakra such as Bee. Hashirama and Madara keeps on moving so they don’t get caught. Madara explains a little about the story in which he explains that Kaguya Otsutsuki took the fruit from the Divine Tree and used it to stop war.

She then became a god,  she had a child who had chakra. The Ten Tails went in rampage when it was stopped by the child, Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Madara explains that everyone here knows nothing and his plan from the start has been to do this. Naruto is captured and the trees surround him.

Hiruzen shows up and helps him as Naruto has no chakra or power, they quickly run away and approach somewhere outside this place. Naruto notices all the dead bodies in that place and gets pissed off. The tree begins to grow further into the sky as it has a massive fruit like thing at the top.

Once it blooms, it will cast its image into the moon and get everyone into the Genjutsu which will  allows for the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Everyone is tired and unable to do anything, Obito says that there is no reason for them to step up since they’ve lost so much now. Naruto Shippuden 381 ends here.

A great episode, Naruto is being pushed back for once, however it’ll take some time for it to bloom and cast the Genjutsu. But before that we need to see the Kage’s and others, as well as Sasuke partake in this battle in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 382, titled “A Shinobi’s Dream”.

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