“The Last” Naruto Movie Previews Character Visuals and Plot Teaser

As we get closer to “The Last” Naruto the Movie, we’re starting to get previews and plot teasers, we’re also digging deep into the character detail that’s going into each character now. This years 46th issue of Weekly Shonen reveals some key visual for Naruto, Kakashi, Sai, Hinata, Sakura, Shikamaru and Sasuke. We’re seeing Hinata here for the first time.

We also see some key details of Naruto and Sakura’s character in detail, we can see that Naruto and Sakura have both gotten a little taller, of which Naruto is now 180 cm (almost 5’11’) and Sakura at 165 cm (Almost 5’5′). Of which both seem to look a little more awesome with similar faces that have just been enhanced to looks a lot better.

The Last Naruto the Movie Plot TeaserAlso in the image on the right, we get to see a teaser of the plot of this movie, to which it translates: The moon is near to collision! At this rate, with the Moon in collision course, it will fall down to the earth by becoming a meteorite! The countdown toward the Doomsday starts! How will Naruto hurdle this crisis?!

So what do you guys think of this? The movie is getting closer to airing in Japanese cinema’s on the 6th of December, and after that it’ll most likely get subbed by everyone else when it’s out. Nevertheless, it seems from the plot that we’re going to see a lot action and adventure by all these awesome character, including Hinata. Comment below, tell me you’re opinions.

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    1. Sunite

      So does that mean that Madara is somehow still alive? or will Sasuke make his mission to try and activate the Genjutsu? Or maybe a new opponent? Maybe Kaguya comes back? Or zetsu?


      1. dreager1

        I’d love it if it was one of the first two. I’m guessing that it’s coincidence or a new foe will appear. Do you remember the guy that Naruto punched out of the way after the fight with Kaguya? It was the Zetsu guy that was always by her side. He seemed like he could have been tough even though Naruto casually threw him away so maybe he will come back. I just hope that we do get a real villain and the film isn’t more of a fun finale with no action. I need good fight scenes!


        1. Sunite

          Hmm maybe, Zetsu has shown many powerful techniques before so it’s a possibility. However what if this was the story where Naruto and others are trying to stop the moon from hitting Earth as it will release Kaguya back into their world. This will succeed and Kaguya will come back, she will be pissed off. She fights Naruto and others, including Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke somehow reseal her again and the battle ends with everyone (most people) surviving? and the village being destroyed and rebuilt once again. Any comments lol?


          1. dreager1

            I’d be all for that! I think it would be a little sad for the Lead Village if it was destroyed again, (Those building tax rates must be through the roof!) but it could signify the dawn of a new era. I would be pretty thrilled if we got a plot like that for the film and it can also show how Sasuke and Naruto have improved from the end of the manga series.


  1. mabritish

    nah the bandage at his hand, signify power. naruto became soo powerful to the extend that he obtained the FINAL GETSUGA TENSHOU. and he can use it at his base form with ease. lol kidding

    hmmm saving a planet from a moon. I don’t know how how he will pull that off, but if he does he will be second strongest to goku. I think that the main point of this movie to finally showcase where naruto stand in terms of power level

    P.S it’s goodbye to who is the strongest between ichigo, natsu, luffy vs naruto arguments. though ichigo stand a chance of overtaking him after the end of bleach. I don’t think natsu will ever be 2 times as powerful as Dragon. so he is out for me but zeref seems strong, so maybe. with one piece is kinda hard to predict cos the strongest character there is the Pirate King who is long dead. since we don’t no how the how powerful is the Pirate King then we can’t really tell if luffy can compete with ichigo and naruto. well will have to wait for 10 years to find out.


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